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Basic Math BookNew Requires Acrobat Reader
Drought Plan Example for Ground Water (7.22.16)New
Drought Plan Example for Surface Water (7.22.16)New
Requires Microsoft Word
Bacteriological Sampling Plan (11.23.16)New Requires Microsoft Word
Drinking Water Rules (Download from State of Tennessee Website) Requires Acrobat Reader
Operational Evaluation Worksheet for Stage 2 Requires Microsoft Excel
TAUD Water Accountability Worksheet (Version 6.0) Version 6.0 has needed info for AWWA worksheet Requires Microsoft Excel
TDEC QA/QC info for meeting the Method Update Rule  Updated 4/1/14 Requires Acrobat Reader
2011 Legislative Water Loss Report Requires Acrobat Reader
SOP for calibrating and verifying lab equipment for discharging with NPDES Requires Acrobat Reader
Drought Management Plan Guidance Document Requires Acrobat Reader
Flushing Plan Template Requires Microsoft Word
Top Sanitary Survey Deficiencies/Violations Requires Acrobat Reader
**Water Treatment and Distribution State Regulations Requires Acrobat Reader
Lead and Copper Notification Forms Requires Microsoft Word
Instrument Verification Form Requires Microsoft Excel
Instrument Verification Form (If you don't have Excel) Requires Acrobat Reader
Water Accountability Form Requires Acrobat Reader
AWWA Water Accountability Software Requires Microsoft Excel
Water Leak Calculator (Version 1.1) Requires Microsoft Excel
Fire Hydrant Flow Calculator Requires Microsoft Excel
Hydrant or Blow-off Flow Calculator Requires Microsoft Excel
Letter from Comptroller Office for fire department reporting Requires Acrobat Reader
Public Chapter 243 (Law for reporting water loss) Requires Acrobat Reader
Example Boil Water Notices Requires Microsoft Word
Disinfection Byproducts Monitoring Plan v1-31-04 Requires Microsoft Word
Disinfection Byproducts Monitoring Plan w/TOC v1-31-04 Requires Microsoft Word
DBP Monitoring Plan Template for purchase systems v1-31-04 Requires Microsoft Word
Reporting and Monitoring instructions for DBP Requires Acrobat Reader
Sample Distribution SOP Requires Microsoft Word
Sample Water Treatment SOP Requires Microsoft Word
Leak Report Log Requires Adobe Reader
Fire Department Sample Letter Requires Microsoft Word
High Water Bill Customer Brochure Requires Acrobat Reader
Water Usage Chart Requires Acrobat Reader
Water Treatment Certification Need-to-Know Requires Acrobat Reader
Distribution Certification Need-to-Know Requires Acrobat Reader