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Photoshop Elements 8 for Windows: The Missing Manual [Book]

Use this guide to know how Photoshop Elements can help you create, edit, organize and share images using creative features and more. Download free Scanning and optimising images using Photoshop course material, tutorial training, a PDF file on 41 pages. Size: KB; Downloads:


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Click Add in the Photomerge dialog box. Page Because of differences in the work area: perspective, the pieces may not line up exactly. For a wider Select the Use Perspective option.

You may want to create Note: If a type or shape layer is selected, you must You work with a preview image of the current simplify the layer before proceeding. A bounding box appears in transform. Page CHAPTER 6 Transforming and Retouching To scale a layer, selection, or shape: Skewing, distorting, and applying perspective to layers, selections, and Select the layer, area, or shape you want to shapes transform. This option is useful when you Select the sponge tool.

Choose a brush size from the pop-up palette in Choose a brush size from the pop-up palette in the options bar. The paint builds up Choose a brush size from the pop-up palette in along the edges of the brush stroke.

You can choose to erase contiguous pixels a layer to transparency as you drag; A low tolerance limits erasure to areas that are very tool similar to the sampled color. A high tolerance The impressionist brush tool lets you paint with erases a broader range of colors. Page Customizing Brush Libraries In Photoshop Elements, you can save libraries, For Spacing, enter a value or drag the slider to load, replace, save, rename brushes in libraries, Set the brush options as described palette menu.

Page Preset Manager. Type a value that is a percentage of the brush diameter. This mode works only in layers with editing tools Lock Transparency deselected and is analogous to You set options for a painting or editing tool in the painting on the back of transparent areas in a sheet options bar for that tool. The effect is similar channel and selects the base or blend color— to shining a diffused spotlight on the image.

Page Photoshop Elements. Page Choose a color, and click OK. Specify a blending mode and opacity for the paint. Page Click a style to apply it to the shape layer. Transforming shapes You can also paint a border around a selection or a You can alter a shape by applying transformations layer.

Page Creating And Editing Patterns This In addition to using the libraries of patterns allows you to create a softer border than one provided with Photoshop Elements, you can created using the Stroke layer style. The Stroke create your own custom patterns. Page Feather must be set to 0 px. Enter a name for the pattern in the Pattern Deselect the rectangle. Page Using Layers About layers When you create, import, or scan an image in Photoshop Elements, the image consists of a single layer.

However, if you plan to add different elements to your image, layers will make your task a lot easier. In the Layers palette, select the layer that you want to move. For Grid Size, choose a pattern size. By default, the transparent areas of a document appear as a Drag the layer up or down in the Layers palette. The copied Duplicate Layer from the Layers palette menu.

For Select the Document Sizes option in the status bar. If a setting is dimmed, it is not Scaling applies only to shadow distance, outer present in the effect you are using, and therefore glow size, inner glow size, and bevel size. You can fully or partially lock layers to protect their contents. When a layer is locked, a lock Note: For type and shape layers, transparency is displays to the right of the layer name.

The name of the base layer in the position the pointer over the line separating two Page For more information on creating then click OK.

If variety of backgrounds and textures. You might necessary, exit from other applications to make then blur these textures. For value from the displacement map—0 is the example, using a parabola-shaped displacement maximum negative shift, is the maximum map, you can create an image that appears to be positive shift, and a gray value of produces no Specify the Shear the upper left or lower right, Out From Center curve by dragging the line in the box to form a displaces pixels toward or away from the center of curve for the distortion.

This blur- possible that eliminates defects. You can images, often for a 3D effect. Page Lighting Effects Filter For information on choosing a location. Shift-drag to keep the angle constant and change only the size of the ellipse. Page Using Type in the options bar. For best vertical type tool. As a result, variety of shapes; for example, you can warp type the edges of the type blend into the background. The range of available type styles varies with hold down Shift and press the Right Arrow or Left each font.

The type size determines how large the type appears in the image. The default unit of Select a unit of measurement for Type. Photoshop Elements provides several options for working with Asian type.

Asian fonts are often referred to as double-byte fonts or CJK fonts. The character itself is is a block of horizontal type laid out within a not stretched or squeezed as a result. When mojikumi is off, full-width spacing is applied to these characters. When mojikumi is on, half-width spacing is applied to these characters. You images for effective Web publishing can also use the layers in your original image to results. You can select a modem speed in original and optimized images in the Save For Web the Preview pop-up menu.

See Windows monitor. You can choose a continuous-tone images such as photographs. Page Selective is the the frequency of colors in the image. Choose Auto default option. You can choose To control application dither: a dithering pattern to be applied to the image. Page You can save custom You can preview browser dither directly in dither patterns in groups called collections, and use Photoshop Elements or in a browser that uses an the dither patterns with other images.

Photoshop Elements animation options as the Save for Web dialog box. Photoshop Elements using the Open command. Each layer Saving optimized images corresponds to one frame. Photoshop Elements provides a variety of styles Then do the following: for your gallery, which you can select using the Web Photo Gallery command.

Then do the following: Options pop-up menu. However, able to save it back to Filmstrip format. If necessary, select Animate. For For Preview, choose a low-resolution preview example, Photoshop Elements does not support type. Page Adding File Information Setting preferences for saving format. Under Document, specify the dimensions, resolution, and color mode for the contact sheet, For Layout, choose a preset layout option.

You can customize existing layouts or create new Note: The width and height of the document should layouts using a text-editing application. The layout not exceed the printable area of the paper. You can also use composite of all visible layers. To print an individual Page Positioning And Scaling Images To scale the print size of an image in the Print Preview dialog box: represents the margins of the selected paper; the printable area is white.

Options dialog box; you must select Show More Options located below the image preview area in order to see them. Photoshop Elements uses To determine if you need to use color management a grid of elements known as pixels to represent when printing: images. Page INDEX black and white points, New Brush command Choose 23 scanning 52 options chroma 68 black-and-white images, pointer options 39 Chrome filter creating 96 presets 37 CJK type blending modes Roundness option composition options bloat tool selecting showing options for Page 39 Color Picker option 79 choosing a compression format Curves command, setting target color pickers for values with 89 Adobe 77, 79 contrast Custom color table Apple 79 adjusting 87 Custom filter choosing 79 adjusting automatically Page INDEX dithering Dark Strokes filter edge effects about 70, 73, Darken mode editing application dither, previewing and controlling Define Brush command blending modes browser dither, previewing and Define Pattern command , layers minimizing De-Interlace filter See also copying, correcting Page filling Find Edges filter Facet filter layers Fine Grain filter fade rate selections Finger Painting option for brush strokes with background color Fit on Screen command 26 for eraser strokes with foreground color Fixed Size option painting with gradients Page INDEX radial gradient tool Hints palette 29 gamut 65 Randomize option Histogram command 85 Gaussian Blur filter reflected gradient tool histograms GIF format saving and loading about 84, 91 about , tools key type 84 Adaptive color table transparency Levels display of Page converting between color importing images modes 69, 71 laser printers 48 digital camera with WIA copying layers between support 53 lasso tool copying selections between from a digital camera 52 detection width creating new 54 from a scanner 52 edge sensitivity cropping scanning with WIA support Page midtones New View command 24 See also placing, importing adjusting 95, Noise dither OpenType fonts adjusting with Levels 89 Noise filters , Optimized option, for JPEG Minimum and Maximum See also individual names of optimizing images filter filters about Page , Photoshop 2.

See EPS Saturation mode format presets Page display of 46 Web-safe color table File Extension maximum 48 See also PNG format Grid 28 new images and 54 PNG format Gutter 28 resampling and 49 about History States 33 viewing 48 optimization settings for Image Previews Pixelate filters , preserving transparency Page Resample Image option 50 raster images.

See bitmap images about dpi 48 resampling rasterizing background color interpolation methods 49 Adobe Illustrator artwork borders See also resizing PDF files 57, 60 captions Reselect command PostScript artwork 57, Page resolution select image tool sampling about 47 selecting from layers changing 49 contiguous pixels image with clone stamp tool displaying 48 layers document size 50 saturation pixels about 68 dpi 48 type adjusting 92, 95, file size and 48 unselected areas Saturation mode Page INDEX softening edges of Shear filter Standard Macintosh Color display stroking defining undistorted areas Standard Windows Color subtracting from shift pixels tool display tools shortcuts bar 21 status bar 30 See also floating selections Show Bounding Box option straight-edged selection Selective color table You can use the installer files to install Photoshop Elements on your computer and then use it as full or trial version.

You need your Photoshop Elements serial number to use the full version of the product. Need help finding your serial number? Sign in to My Adobe to find serial numbers for registered products. Or, see Find the serial number for your Elements product. If you don’t have the serial number, you can install the product and try it for a limited trial duration. Make sure that your system meets the requirements for Photoshop Elements products.

Having trouble? Get help from our community experts. How long does it take for download? See Estimated download times. Is my Windows bit or bit? Adobe Photoshop Elements For Windows.

For macOS. Remain connected to the internet until Photoshop Elements is completely installed on the system. If you are facing issues while downloading, do one of the following: Try using a different browser to download the installer file.