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Collision coverage is subject to a deductible. This coverage is designed to provide payments to repair the damaged vehicle, or payment of the cash value of the vehicle if it is not repairable or totaled. Collision coverage is optional, however if you plan on financing a car or taking a car loan, the lender will usually insist you carry collision for the finance term or until the car is paid off. Impact with a pedestrian has been ruled in prior court cases as a collision with an object and is considered a collision claim.

Comprehensive coverage, also known as other-than-collision coverage, is subject to a deductible and covers cars damaged by incidents that are not considered collisions. For example, fire, theft or attempted theft , vandalism, damage from weather such as wind or hail, or impacts with non-human animals are types of comprehensive losses.

Additionally, a few insurance companies list ” Acts of God ” as an aspect of comprehensive coverage, although this is an old term that is not ordinarily used today.

By definition, it includes any events or occurrences that are beyond human control. For example, a tornado, flood, hurricane, or hail storm would fall under this category. While etymologically all living creatures are considered animals, impact with a human is excluded from the definition of “animal” under insurance definitions.

Supp , S. In effect, the insurance company pays the insured medical bills, then would subrogate from the at fault party. This coverage is often overlooked and very important. Some states maintain unsatisfied judgment funds to provide compensation to those who cannot collect damages from uninsured driver. In some states it is mandatory. In the case of underinsured coverage, two different triggers apply: a damages trigger which is based on whether the limits are insufficient to cover the injured party’s damages, and a limits trigger which applies when the limits are less than the injured party’s limits.

Loss of use coverage, also known as rental coverage, provides reimbursement for rental expenses associated with having an insured vehicle repaired due to a covered loss. Due to the sharp decline in value immediately following purchase, there is generally a period in which the amount owed on the car loan exceeds the value of the vehicle, which is called “upside-down” or negative equity. Thus, if the vehicle is damaged beyond economical repair at this point, the owner will still owe potentially thousands of dollars on the loan.

The escalating price of cars, longer-term auto loans, and the increasing popularity of leasing gave birth to GAP protection. GAP waivers provide protection for consumers when a “gap” exists between the actual value of their vehicle and the amount of money owed to the bank or leasing company. In many instances, this insurance will also pay the deductible on the primary insurance policy. These policies are often offered at auto dealerships as a comparatively low cost add-on to the car loan that provides coverage for the duration of the loan.

GAP Insurance does not always pay off the full loan value however. These cases include but are not limited to:. Therefore, it is important for a policy holder to understand that they may still owe on the loan even though the GAP policy was purchased. Failure to understand this can result in the lender continuing their legal remedies to collect the balance and the potential of damaged credit.

Consumers should be aware that a few states, including New York, require lenders of leased cars to include GAP insurance within the cost of the lease itself. This means that the monthly price quoted by the dealer must include GAP insurance, whether it is delineated or not.

Nevertheless, unscrupulous dealers sometimes prey on unsuspecting individuals by offering them GAP insurance at an additional price, on top of the monthly payment, without mentioning the State’s requirements. In addition, some vendors and insurance companies offer what is called “Total Loss Coverage. Thus, to some extent the distinction makes no difference, i. However, in choosing which type of policy to purchase, the owner should consider whether, in case of a total loss, it is more advantageous for him or her to have the policy pay off the negative equity or provide a down payment on a new vehicle.

If the owner has traditional GAP coverage, the “gap” will be wiped out and he or she may purchase or lease another vehicle or choose not to. Vehicle towing coverage is also known as roadside assistance coverage. Traditionally, automobile insurance companies have agreed to only pay for the cost of a tow that is related to an accident that is covered under the automobile policy of insurance.

This had left a gap in coverage for tows that are related to mechanical breakdowns, flat tires and gas outages. To fill that void, insurance companies started to offer the car towing coverage, which pays for non-accident related tows.

Personal items in a vehicle that are damaged due to an accident typically are not covered under the auto insurance policy.

Any type of property that is not attached to the vehicle should be claimed under a home insurance or renters’ insurance policy. However, some insurance companies will cover unattached GPS devices intended for automobile use.

Insurers use actuarial science to determine the rates, which involves statistical analysis of the various characteristics of drivers. The automobile insurance market in the United States is a billion US dollar market. Every state has a different minimum coverage requirement, making auto insurance coverage more expensive in some states than others, [18] but they remain lower than the minimum amounts of insurance coverage of most EEA countries involved in the Green card system.

In the United States , automotive insurance covering liability for injuries and property damage is compulsory in most states, but different states enforce the insurance requirement differently. Usually, the minimum required by law is third party insurance to protect third parties against the financial consequences of loss, damage or injury caused by a vehicle. California and New Jersey have enacted “Personal Responsibility Acts” which put further pressure on all drivers to carry liability insurance by preventing uninsured drivers from recovering non economic damages e.

North Carolina is the only state to require that a driver hold liability insurance before a license can be issued. North Carolina does allow for a “fleet license” to be issued if the license holder has no insurance, however the fleet license only allows for the driver to operate vehicles owned and insured by their employer. The license holder must produce a state form DL to prove they have insurance, requiring the signature of an insurance agent, in addition to a ten dollar fee, in order to convert the fleet license to a full license.

Some states require that proof of insurance be carried in the car at all times, while others do not. For example, North Carolina does not specify that proof of insurance must be carried in the vehicle; it does, however, require that a driver have that information to trade with another driver in the event of an accident.

Some states allow for an electronic insurance card to be produced on a smartphone. Arizona Department of Transportation Research Project Manager John Semmens has recommended that car insurers issue license plates and be held responsible for the full cost of injuries and property damage caused by their licensees under the Disneyland model. Plates would expire at the end of the insurance coverage period, and licensees would need to return their plates to their insurance office to receive a refund on their premiums.

The developing larvae spin protective webbing and chew into the fabric, creating holes and specks of excrement. Damage is often concentrated in concealed locations, under collars and near seams of clothing, in folds and crevices in upholstery and round the edges of carpets as well as under furniture.

Carpet beetles are members of the family Dermestidae , and while the adult beetles feed on nectar and pollen , the larvae are destructive pests in homes, warehouses, and museums. They feed on animal products including wool, silk, leather, fur, the bristles of hair brushes, pet hair, feathers, and museum specimens.

They tend to infest hidden locations and may feed on larger areas of fabrics than do clothes moths, leaving behind specks of excrement and brown, hollow, bristly-looking cast skins.

The beetles can fly in from outdoors and the larvae can survive on lint fragments, dust, and inside the bags of vacuum cleaners. In warehouses and museums, sticky traps baited with suitable pheromones can be used to identify problems, and heating, freezing, spraying the surface with insecticide, and fumigation will kill the insects when suitably applied.

Susceptible items can be protected from attack by keeping them in clean airtight containers. Books are sometimes attacked by cockroaches, silverfish, [59] book mites, booklice , [60] and various beetles which feed on the covers, paper, bindings and glue. They leave behind physical damage in the form of tiny holes as well as staining from their faeces. These attacks are largely a problem with historic books, because modern bookbinding materials are less susceptible to this type of damage.

Evidence of attack may be found in the form of tiny piles of book-dust and specks of frass. Damage may be concentrated in the spine, the projecting edges of pages and the cover. Prevention of attack relies on keeping books in cool, clean, dry positions with low humidity, and occasional inspections should be made.

Treatment can be by freezing for lengthy periods, but some insect eggs are very resistant and can survive for long periods at low temperatures. Various beetles in the Bostrichoidea superfamily attack the dry, seasoned wood used as structural timber in houses and to make furniture. In most cases, it is the larvae that do the damage; these are invisible from the outside of the timber but are chewing away at the wood in the interior of the item.

Examples of these are the powderpost beetles , which attack the sapwood of hardwoods, and the furniture beetles , which attacks softwoods, including plywood. The damage has already been done by the time the adult beetles bore their way out, leaving neat round holes behind them. The first that a householder knows about the beetle damage is often when a chair leg breaks off or a piece of structural timber caves in.

Prevention is through chemical treatment of the timber prior to its use in construction or in furniture manufacture. Termites with colonies in close proximity to houses can extend their galleries underground and make mud tubes to enter homes. The insects keep out of sight and chew their way through structural and decorative timbers, leaving the surface layers intact, as well as through cardboard, plastic and insulation materials.

Their presence may become apparent when winged insects appear and swarm in the home in spring. Regular inspection of structures by a trained professional may help detect termite activity before the damage becomes substantial. Control and extermination is a professional job involving trying to exclude the insects from the building and trying to kill those already present.

Soil-applied liquid termiticides provide a chemical barrier that prevents termites from entering buildings, and lethal baits can be used; these are eaten by foraging insects, and carried back to the nest and shared with other members of the colony, which goes into slow decline. Mosquitoes are midge-like flies in the family Culicidae.

Females of most species feed on blood and some act as vectors for malaria and other diseases. Historically they have been controlled by use of DDT and other chemical means, but since the adverse environmental effects of these insecticides have been realized, other means of control have been attempted. The insects rely on water in which to breed and the first line of control is to reduce possible breeding locations by draining marshes and reducing accumulations of standing water.

Other approaches include biological control of larvae by the use of fish or other predators , genetic control, the introduction of pathogens, growth-regulating hormones, the release of pheromones and mosquito trapping.

Birds are a significant hazard to aircraft, but it is difficult to keep them away from airfields. Several methods have been explored. Stunning birds by feeding them a bait containing stupefying substances has been tried, [66] and it may be possible to reduce their numbers on airfields by reducing the number of earthworms and other invertebrates by soil treatment. Guidelines and legislation regarding the usage permitted methods of application and the storage conditions of pesticides and chemicals vary from country to country, often being legislated by each state of territory.

The Insecticides Act [75]. Pesticide Act [76]. Control of Vectors and Pesticides Act [77]. Prevention of Damage by Pests Act [78].

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Control of species that are harmful to health, economy or ecology. Main article: Biological pest control. Main articles: Mechanical pest control , Insect trap , and Crop rotation. Main article: Trap crop. Main article: Pesticide. Main article: Varmint hunting. Further information: Forestry. Main article: Physical pest control. Main article: Fumigation. See also: Bedbug. Further information: Bird strike. Integrated pest management.

Insect pest management. Introduction to integrated pest management. Urban pest management in Australia. UNSW Press. Simon and Schuster. ISBN Plants, Genes, and Agriculture. Jones and Bartlett Publishers. Cornell University. Retrieved 27 August Pest Control. Cambridge University Press. Pest and Vector Control. Clark, Jack K. University of California Press. Archived from the original on 15 May University of Wisconsin. Archived from the original on 17 March Colorado State University.

Retrieved 2 June Journal of Economic Entomology. Annual Review of Entomology. PMID Journal of Applied Ecology. CUP Archive. Pest Resistance to Pesticides. The Guardian. National Institute of Health Sciences. National Institute of Environmental Health. Retrieved 5 April Pesticide Safety Education Program. The two would team up to win the doubles championships at the Wimbledon and the US Open.

On the other hand, Vilas wore down Connors in the final of the US Open and was much more competitive in all of their meetings. Connors was able to manage only a 5—4 record against Vilas in tour events. Connors won that match, 6—4, 6—2, 3—6, 7—5. Connors won the match, 6—3, 4—6, 6—2, 6—4. Connors ended his business relationship with Riordan later in Connors played Newcombe in four tour events, with Newcombe winning the first two meetings on grass US Open quarterfinal and Australian Open final and Connors winning the last two on hard courts Sydney Indoor quarterfinal and Hong Kong round of Connors won all three meetings with Rod Laver in tour events.

He finished the year as the No. In he made the semi-finals of the big 4 four events and finished number No. Connors had shining moments against John McEnroe and Ivan Lendl , both of whom rose to prominence after Connors peaked in the mids.

He would continue to compete against much younger players and had one of the most remarkable comebacks for any athlete when he reached the semifinals of the US Open at the age of McEnroe and Borg were battling for the top spot in that year, while Connors played the role of the spoiler. However, in , at age 29, Connors was back in the Wimbledon singles final, where he faced McEnroe, who by then was established firmly as the world’s top player. Connors recovered from being three points away from defeat in a fourth-set tie-break at 3—4 to win the match, 3—6, 6—3, 6—7, 7—6, 6—4, and claimed his second Wimbledon title, eight years after his first.

Although Connors’ tour record against McEnroe was 14—20, McEnroe is six years younger than Connors and had a losing record against Connors until he won 12 out of their last 14 meetings. Head to head in major championship finals, they split their two meetings, Connors winning the Wimbledon in five sets, and McEnroe winning the Wimbledon in straight sets. McEnroe won six of their nine meetings in Grand Slam events. Connors defeated another of the next generation of tennis stars, Ivan Lendl, in the US Open final and soon regained the No.

Connors had a tour record of 13—22 against Lendl, but Lendl is eight years younger than Connors and had a losing record against Connors until he won their last 17 matches from through , after Connors’ prime.

Head to head in major championship finals, Connors defeated Lendl in both meetings, winning the and US Open. In the fourth round of the Wimbledon Championships , Connors defeated Mikael Pernfors , ten years his junior, 1—6, 1—6, 7—5, 6—4, 6—2, after having trailed 4—1 in the third set and 3—0 in the fourth set.

It was the th title of his career. Connors had played in 56 tournaments and lost 11 finals since his previous victory in the Tokyo Indoors against Lendl in October At the US Open, Connors defeated the third seed and future two-time champion , Stefan Edberg , in straight sets in the fourth round and pushed sixth-seeded Andre Agassi to five sets in a quarterfinal. His career seemed to be at an end in , when he played only three tournament matches and lost all three, dropping to No.

However, after surgery on his deteriorating left wrist, he came back to play 14 tournaments in An ailing back forced him to retire from a five-sets match in the third round of the French Open against Michael Chang , the champion.

Connors walked off the court after hitting a winner against Chang. Connors recuperated and made an improbable run to the US Open semifinals which he later said were “the best 11 days of my tennis career”. Connors then defeated Paul Haarhuis in the quarterfinals before losing to Jim Courier.

Connors participated in his last major tournament, in the US Open, where he beat Jaime Oncins , 6—1, 6—2, 6—3 in the first round, before losing to Lendl then ranked No. Connors was allowed only one serve per point and Navratilova was allowed to hit into half the doubles court. Connors won, 7—5, 6—2.

However, this would not be the end of his playing career. Connors lost this quarterfinal, 6—7, 3—6 to Marc Rosset. At Wimbledon in , he declined to participate in a parade of former champions to celebrate the tournament’s centenary, choosing instead to practice in the grounds with Ilie Nastase while the parade took place.

In , he also declined to join a gathering of 58 former champions held to mark the millennium. In his autobiography, Connors blamed his missing the parade on the All England Club for not letting his doctor onto the grounds so that Connors could try on a customized splint for a thumb injury. Connors explained that this necessitated his rushing to meet the doctor at the entrance to the grounds, and then convincing Nastase to help him try out the splint on a practice court.

By Connors’ account, he then rushed to Centre Court for the parade, but was too late. He was booed when he played his first-round match the next day. Reaching the final, he lost in five sets to Borg, who a month later was able briefly to interrupt Connors’s long hold on the world No. Connors also irritated sponsors and tennis officials by shunning the end-of-year Masters championship from through However, he entered this round-robin competition in when it moved to New York City.

Although Connors lost a celebrated late-night match to Vilas, 4—6, 6—3, 5—7, he took the title by defeating Borg in the final, 6—4, 1—6, 6—4. Connors is often considered among the greatest tennis players in the history of the sport. Connors has won more matches 1, than any other male professional tennis player in the open era. His career win—loss record was 1,— for a winning percentage of In Grand Slam Singles events, Connors reached the semifinals or better a total of 31 times and the quarterfinals or better a total of 41 times, despite entering the Australian Open Men’s Singles only twice and not entering the French Open Men’s Singles for five of his peak career years.

The 31 semifinals stood as a record until surpassed by Roger Federer at Wimbledon The 41 quarterfinals remained a record until Roger Federer surpassed it at Wimbledon Connors was the only player to win the US Open on three different surfaces: grass , clay , and hard. He was also the first male tennis player to win Grand Slam singles titles on three different surfaces: grass , clay , and hard He also has a star on the St.

Louis Walk of Fame. Because of his fiery competitiveness and acrimonious relationships with a number of peers, he has been likened to baseball player Pete Rose. In the modern era of power tennis, Connors’s style of play has often been cited as highly influential, especially in the development of the flat backhand. It is difficult to say which was more instrumental in Connors becoming a champion. Though smaller than most of his competitors, Connors didn’t let it bother him, making up for a lack of size with determination.

Laughter I didn’t care if it took me 30 minutes or five hours. If you beat me, you had to be the best, or the best you had that day. But that was my passion for the game. If I won, I won, and if I lost, well, I didn’t take it so well. His on-court antics, designed to get the crowd involved, both helped and hurt his play. Schwartz said, “While tennis fans enjoyed Connors’s gritty style and his never-say-die attitude, they often were shocked by his antics. His sometimes vulgar on-court behavior—like giving the finger to a linesman after disagreeing with a call or strutting about the court with the tennis racket handle between his legs; sometimes he would yank on the handle in a grotesque manner and his fans would go wild or groan in disapproval—did not help his approval rating.

During the early part of his career, Connors frequently argued with umpires, linesmen, the players union, Davis Cup officials and other players. He was even booed at Wimbledon —a rare show of disapproval there—for snubbing the Parade of Champions on the first day of the Centenary in Connors was taught to hit the ball on the rise by his teaching-pro mother, Gloria Connors, a technique he used to defeat the opposition in the early years of his career.

Gloria sent her son to Southern California to work with Pancho Segura at the age of Segura advanced Connors’ game of hitting the ball on the rise which enabled Connors to reflect the power and velocity of his opponents back at them. Segura was the master strategist in developing Jimmy’s complete game. In the Wimbledon final, Arthur Ashe countered this strategy by taking the pace off the ball, giving Connors only soft junk shots dinks, drop shots, and lobs to hit.

Connors hit his forehand with a semi-Western grip and with little net clearance. His serve, while accurate and capable, was never a great weapon for him as it did not reach the velocity and power of his opponents.

At a time when most other tennis pros played with wooden rackets, Connors used the ” Wilson T” steel racket, which utilized a method for stringing that had been devised and patented by Lacoste in At the Tokyo Indoor in October , Connors switched to a new mid-size graphite racket, the Wilson ProStaff , that had been designed especially for him and he used it on the tour.

In , he finally switched to a graphite racket when he signed a contract with Slazenger to play their Panther Pro Ceramic.

In , Connors signed with Estusa. Connors used lead tape which he would wind around the racket head to provide the proper “feel” for his style of game. During the Wimbledon tournaments of , , and , Connors commentated for the BBC alongside John McEnroe among others , providing moments of heated discussion between two former archrivals.

Connors returned to BBC commentary at Wimbledon in Connors has also served as a commentator and analyst for the Tennis Channel since the US Open tournament of On July 24, , at the start of the Countrywide Classic tournament in Los Angeles, American tennis player Andy Roddick announced his partnership with Connors as his coach.

In September, Roddick reached the final of the U. Open, where he lost to Roger Federer. On March 6, , Roddick announced the end of that month relationship.

In July former women’s world No. On August 15, , Sharapova confirmed that she had ended the partnership with Connors after just one match together. In , Connors published his autobiography The Outsider. Connors was engaged to fellow tennis pro Chris Evert from to , and they each triumphed in the singles events at the Wimbledon Championships, a feat labelled “The Lovebird Double” by the media. Their engagement was broken off shortly before the Wimbledon championship.

Connors and Evert briefly reconciled in and , before parting for good. In May , Connors wrote his autobiography in which he alleged that Evert was pregnant with their child and that she unilaterally made the decision to have an abortion.


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Camden East, Ontario. La Banque Hotel’s great location gets high marks from our customers. July 30, Bid Results. Martin Kerrigan.