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How to Enable 5ghz WiFi on Windows 10 – Solution 1. Check if Your Devices Support 5GHz WiFi

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File Name: DW_W8_X00_A02_SetupX12_replace.me Download Type: HTTP. File Size: MB. Format Description: This file contains a compressed (or zipped) set of files. Download the file to a folder on your hard drive, and then run (double-click) it to unzip the set of files. May 17,  · First, you need to know if the wireless adapter does support the 5Ghz band. Go to Device Manager and click “Network adapters” and so a quick search of the device in the manufacturer’s website if it does support it. If it is supported, you need to check if there are new drivers . Download Verify 5Ghz – Verify whether your wireless adapters can run in 5Ghz or Ghz so that you can switch between the bands when streaming via this simple tool.


possible to download a wifi adapter driver to suport 5gz – Microsoft Community.How To Enable 5GHz Wi-Fi On Laptop – Driver Easy

First, you need to know if the wireless adapter does support the 5Ghz band. Go to Device Manager and click “Network adapters” and so a quick. Check for 5G WiFi Support on Windows 10 · Enable 5G on PC · Set Preferred Band to 5GHz · Is your WiFi Router 5Ghz Ready? · Update WiFi Driver Software. Intel Wi-Fi Driver for Windows 10/ Download the latest Intel Wi-Fi Driver for Windows 11 and 10, bit or bit.


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The most common of them all is when users get a new router. There are various reasons because of which the problem of 5GHz WiFi not showing up in Windows 10 or windows 11 may occur. It could be either of the following problems:. In this piece, we are going to talk about different ways to find out the reason behind and solution for5G WiFi not showing up issue. The first step is to check if your PC has 5GHz bandwidth compatibility. Here are the steps to check the same:. This will open the Run dialog box.

Step 4 : From the result that opens up in the Command Prompt window, look for Radio types supported. In this section, you will see 3 network modes. Following are the network modes with what they mean:. If you get the Radio types supported as any of the first two, then you need to upgrade your WiFi Adapter Hardware. Note: For those people , whose computer Does not support 5.

To check if your router supports 6 GHz bandwidth or 5G, you will have to do some internet research. But before you go ask Google for this info, go find the box in which your router came.

It would have the information if your router supports 5GHz. It is usually mentioned below the WiFi router device. Research and find out resources with the description of the router model you are using.

There, you can see if your router supports 5GHz bandwidth or 2. If it does, then proceed to the next step to solve the 5GHz WiFi not showing up problem. In this step, we will try to enable 5GHz WiFi bandwidth by following these steps:. Step 2 : In Device Manager , look for Network adapters and click on it to expand its menu.

From the expanded menu, look for Wireless adapter. Right click on the Wireless adapter driver, and click on Properties. Step 3 : A new Wireless adapter properties window will open up. Here, go to the Advanced tab. Look for After selecting, change the value on the right side to Enable. Click Ok.

Step 1 : From the Method 3 mentioned above, follow Step 1 and 2. In the Property box, select the Preferred Band option. Now, on the right from the Value drop-down, select the Prefer 5. Then, click on Ok. Updating WiFi Driver at times does the trick and solves the issue for you.

To update WiFi Driver automatically, you can follow these steps below:. Step 1 : Open the Device Manager tool. Step 2 : In the Device Manager window, look for the Network adapters option.

Click on it to expand it. From the expanded menu, look for Wireless Adapter driver. Right click on the Wireless Adapter option, and from the context menu, click on the Update Driver Software option.

Step 3 : A new Update window will open now. Here, you will get two options; one to update driver automatically and other to manually update driver. Click on the Search automatically for updated driver software to begin the automatic driver update process. Step 4 : Follow on-screen instructions to complete the update. Step 5 : If not, you can carry out methods 4 and 5 again to make sure.

Note : There are chances that your PC will tell that your WiFi driver is up to date and has the latest driver installed when you try to automatically update it. In this case, manually update WiFi driver. Step 2 : From the Update Window that will open, select the Browse my computer for driver software option.

Step 3 : Now, browse and select the folder with the downloaded WiFi driver, or browse and select the downloaded driver yourself. When done, click Next. Follow on-screen instructions till the WiFi driver installation is complete. This method to fix 5GHz WiFi not showing up in Windows 10 or windows 11 is for those users who were able to access 5G network before, but now are unable to.

The latest driver must be having some issue, thus, your PC is unable to connect to or detect 5GHz bandwidth. Step 1 : Repeat Step 1 and Step 2 from the Method 3 mentioned above. Step 2 : In the Properties window that opens, go to the Driver tab. There, look for Roll Back Driver and click on it. Then follow the instructions to roll back the driver to its previous version.

Step 3 : When done, Restart your PC and see if this process worked for you. Hi, When i go to Step 3 and to enable But from the first step its clear that my laptop supports 2. Could you please help. You are my hero. All I had to do was roll back the driver. You are the best! Thanks, the following points really helped solve my issue of 5G band not showing up in my windows PC: 3 — Enable Thank you so much!

So easy to understand and follow. Really appreciate the help. None of these worked for me. The Uk english is no good. If the wrong region drivers are installed, then it will scan on the wrong frequencies, and not be able to see some of the wi-fi bands. Thank you so much. I tried all these steps, and rolling back the driver was the winner!

Works perfect now. Thanks again. Thank you guys so much, I was starting to want to throw my desktop out my window, and now it works again! Thanks again! Thanks for the article! Thank you. I rolled back my wifi Driver Update. The 5. Mine is: I had the same problem and I fixed it changing the channel in my router for the 5G band.

Now I can see both 2. Any help please!? Great article, thank you. Thank you! Same here. Yesterday my laptop got one of the regular Windows 10 updates. After the reboot, my 5GHz networks are no longer showing up. Started googling and found these comments here which seem to indicate that Windows 10 broke something the last few weeks. None of these solutions fixed my issue. Tried all recommended fixes and the laptop will still not detect 5G networks. Additional menu 5GHz WiFi not showing up in your Windows 10 or windows 11 computer is a very common issue.

Comments This guy! None of this fixed it for me! This fixed it for me!!! Setting Preffered Band solved the issue for me.

There is ONE more thing that you can try if you have this problem.