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Acronis disk director 12 windows 10 compatibility free download

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Acronis Disk Director is an award-winning disk management software for Windows that keeps your PC running smoothly. Get your free trial today. Acronis Disk Manager 12 is a partition management program that allows you to easily modify, add, merge, and manage partitions on both internal. The Disk Director 11 installs on a Windows 8.x or Windows 10 system just fine. It even runs! But it has some issues with these systems under the bonnet. As I.


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Good News, I am in need of a partition resizer and don’t want to try anything I’m not familiar with. I assume there will be a post here when a ADD12 update to a Win 10 compatible build is available, or must I go frequently to my account registration to look for a new build number?? In any case, I prefer to keep all disk related functions from one house Acronis or whom ever rather than pieces from different software vendors, to avoid possible compatibility risks!

Been there before! Not to mention, the number of customers who will want to create a separate Win 10 boot partition and find that the unmovable files will prevent resizing the original partition. What apparently isn’t supported is GPT, as I have discovered on my new laptop. DD12 now works fine on Win I just installed the update released on It recognizes all my disks.

Win 10 64 bit and DD12 – program works but drives show up as unsupported which is why, to some of you, you say the thing works. If you are using an older file system on your drive with Win 10 then sure, it will work for you but if you went with the flow then it wont. The alternative is some other company’s product and I really dont want to do that. Greg, What unsupported file system are you referring to? Everything works. Nothing shows ‘unsupported’.

Are you joking? If it says unsupported tell me how anyone is supposed to know what it is outside of Microsoft? As it is unsupported you cannot perform anything whatsoever on it within DD I can rename the disk inside Windows but cant even do that simple thing in DD It shows as basic GPT but after that, all partitions are unsupported.

This machine, using Win 8. It needs to be fixed urgently. I am lucky this is MY machine and not a customer’s. Then I installed the new version of DD12 and proved it worked ok which it did , then I re-installed TI and proved that both worked which they did. Seems like the only way to make a clone of windows 10 with DD12 is using the bootable media, I sorta liked cloning discs using 2 USB to Sata cables from my main workstation. Thanks for your feedback.

I am using Premium at the moment. I am waiting for Windows 10 to be release before I upgrade to True Image , or whatever comes after that and that is compatible. The version should not have any issues with Windows 10 as Windows 10 is made to be backwards compatible with all the Windows 8. There may be some minor discrepancies that could cause problems, but we shall see when Windows 10 is finally released.

The same goes for True Image If Acronis is willing to release a patched version of True Image , any problems introduced with Windows 10 will go away. It all depends on the software vendor really. As far as I know True Image is still supported, and will be for the coming months. But True Image is not, so those users myself included will be out of luck if there are any incompatibility issues with Windows 10 once it is released. As a side not, I can inform you that Disk Director 11 is not compatible with Windows 8 and 8.

Up until recently, version 11 was the only version available. Acronis does not prioritize the Disk Director product as high as True Image. The Disk Director 11 installs on a Windows 8. It even runs! But it has some issues with these systems under the bonnet. Don’t take my word for it, it was some time ago. It is a standalone setup package that contains the full offline installer for Acronis Disk Director. Acronis Disk Director Acronis Disk Director 12 is a disk manager for recovering and cloning your disks and keeping your data safe and protected.

The latest version of the software has all the needed functionality for everyday usage. At the same time, Acronis Disk Manager has an intuitive and easy-to-master user interface, making the program suitable for everyone, including not tech-savvy users. First of all, Acronis Disk Director 12 allows you to easily migrate your data between old and new hard disks by Disk Cloning. Comments on Acronis Disk Director Please add a comment explaining the reasoning behind your vote.

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