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Apr 26,  · Note: The Design and Web Suites have only one disc for installation. Close the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Autoplay. Click the Start button, and then click Computer (My Computer on Windows XP). Right-click the DVD-Rom, and then select Open. Right-click Adobe CS3 folder, and . Jan 30,  · I am also trying to install the new downloaded version of CS3 Design Premium after Adobe killed their Activation servers. I was using CS3 on Win 10 1/29 on 1/30 Adobe stopped working as a result from my understand of Adobe killing the Activation servers. I . Apr 26,  · The log file for the Creative Suite 3 Design Premium, for example, is Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium replace.me Search the log files for the following case sensitive keywords: FATAL, DEBUG, ERROR, and Return Value 3 (Windows only).


Error message at installation | Adobe Creative Suite 3.Component Install Failed – ClearPS


When you install Adobe Creative Suite 3 or individual Creative Suite 3 applications, you get one of the following error messages:. Check the Windows Event Viewer for msilnstaller errors. For additional information on checking the event viewer, see the Windows Event Viewer in the Additional Information section of this document. See the table below for common MSI error numbers and solutions.

Although some of the referenced documentation points to a specific product, it can be applied to the resource referenced in the event viewer. TechNote Virus-protection software exists to stop errant applications from installing on your system.

If your virus-protection software believes that your Adobe application is a virus, the product isn’t installed correctly. Furthermore, if the virus scan software is scanning a file or registry entry to update, it denies access. Remove your Adobe Creative Suite 3 product if you did not turn off your virus-protection software before you installed. Also, disable your virus-protection software and firewall. After both are disabled, reinstall the software.

It installs a service called Bonjour that searches the network for other Bonjour-enabled machines. The installation of Version Cue can fail if your firewall is unaware of this protocol and blocks it. Turn off your firewall while installing to prevent this error from occurring. Make sure that you are installing to a volume that meets the minimum requirements.

System requirement information is listed on the Adobe. See Remove CS3 prereleases kb to remove any Adobe pre-release or beta software from your computer. Google Desktop can prevent the installation of the Adobe Creative Suite 3 products. See the system documentation to remove Google Desktop before installing the Adobe Creative Suite 3 product.

Creative Suite 3 installer can fail if the Creative Suite 3 disk is bad or damaged or if the computer hard drive is defective. Attempt to install the Adobe Creative Suite 3 on a different computer. If the attempt is successful, the issue could be with the file system or hard disk drive on your original computer.

If your error in the installer log includes the following, remove previous versions of Flash Player:. The older version of Adobe Flash Player 9 Plugin cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group. Action InstallValidate. Validating install Action start InstallValidate.

Error Action ended InstallValidate. Return value 3. See the installation log to determine which folder or file requires user privilege modification. The steps below reference the folder that has commonly been encountered. See Adobe Creative Suite Installation log for information on locating and reading the installation log.

You can use method on all versions of Windows, but it requires use of the command prompt utility. If you receive the Windows Installer error message, ” Could not read value to key” or ” Could not write value to key,” then update the permissions to the registry keys.

See the installation log to determine which registry key requires user privilege modification. Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel. Note: Perform the steps in this solution after you complete the Adobe Creative Suite 3 installation. The Administrators group listed below is the default local administrative group for Windows XP and Vista. Disclaimer: This procedure involves editing the Windows registry. Adobe doesn’t provide support for editing the registry, which contains critical system and application information.

Make sure to back up the registry before editing it. For more information about the registry, see the Windows documentation or contact Microsoft. There are two tasks you can perform before you do these steps to back up your current system and registry:.

Repeat steps 1 on any additional registry keys. If Adobe Creative Suite 3 still displays an error message, then investigate permissions on the particular registry key causing the error. Occasionally, renaming the key allows the installer to re-create the key and reset the permissions if the key is corrupted. If you can’t change permissions or rename that key, then contact Microsoft or your hardware vendor for assistance.

If you receive the Windows Installer error message, “Updating component registration Message type: 2, Argument: 1 Message type: 2, Argument: 1,” then remove current Adobe color profiles and update the permissions to the registry keys.

To verify the error, search the installation log for return value 3 and verify the error captured in the log file. See the Adobe Creative Suite Installation log for information on locating and reading the installation log. Have your installer log file and event viewer information ready in case you’re asked to send it to support. The Windows Event Viewer and the Adobe Creative Suite installer log are two tools that can assist you in determining the cause of the problem.

Event Viewer is a Microsoft utility that collects data about errors that occur as you run Windows. The Adobe Creative Suite 3 installer uses a number of Windows installers during the installation of any products. You can use the Windows Event Viewer to diagnose issues with the Windows installer. The Adobe Creative Suite 3 installer log contains detailed messages on why the install failed or succeeded.

The log file can assist you in diagnosing the problem faster. Every attempted installation appends information to the previous installation log. Deleting the current installation log and running the installation again can simplify the troubleshooting process. The log file is created on both Windows and Mac OS. The error messages contained differs in format because of Operating System differences. If the log contains one or more of the following error messages, try Solutions 1 -5, and then the solution listed next to the error message:.

You can run disk utilities to verify the integrity of the hard disk drive. Damaged sectors, cross-linked files, or other file corruptions can cause installation failures. Run these utilities to help correct problems with the hard disk or identify issues. Disk Defragmenter for Windows is designed to increase access speed and sometimes increase the amount of usable space. Disk Defragmenter rearranges files stored on a disk to occupy contiguous storage locations.

Chkdsk is a command line utility that can check your hard drive for errors and bad sectors. The ” f ” switch is designed to scan and attempt to fix the errors found. Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy. Creative Suite. Error: “Problems occurred during installation” CS3 Search. When you install Adobe Creative Suite 3 or individual Creative Suite 3 applications, you get one of the following error messages: “Some problems occurred during installation.

Solution 2: Check the Event Viewer for error numbers. Error number. Entire Suite. Solution 6. Solution 9. Solution 3: Disable virus-protection software and all firewall applications before you install Creative Suite 3 or any of its point products.

Solution 4: Verify that you have sufficient disk space. If not, clear disk space on the target drive or install to a drive with sufficient disk space. Solution 5: Remove prerelease Adobe software.

Solution 6: Remove Google Desktop. Solution 7: Check the installation media. Perform the following steps to determine if the installation media is damaged:. Check the DVD for dust or damage. Clean the DVD with a soft, lint-free cloth. Check the back of the DVD for warping, smudges, scratches, or discoloration. Copy the contents of the DVD to your hard disk. Attempt a desktop installation. For additional information on creating desktop installations, see one of the following documents:.

If the purchased software was an electronic software download ESD , download the software again. A file damaged during the download process causes errors during installation. Solution 8: Remove previous versions of Flash Player. If your error in the installer log includes the following, remove previous versions of Flash Player: 1: 0 2: Install Flash Player 8 Plugin.

To remove Flash Player:. These files contain or end in “log” or “gz.


CS3 installation fail

Similar problem. The error is an 0x8E, and it points top a dll which is an ati dll: ati3d2ag.