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It is the largest artificial object in space and the largest satellite in low Earth orbit, regularly visible to the naked eye from Earth’s surface. The Russian segment includes six modules. The US segment includes ten modules, whose support services are distributed Roscosmos had previously [19] [20] endorsed the continued operation of ROS through , [21] having proposed using elements of the segment to construct a new Russian space station called OPSEK.

The first ISS component was launched in , and the first long-term residents arrived on 2 November after being launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on 31 October The latest major pressurised module, Nauka , was fitted in , a little over ten years after the previous major addition, Leonardo in Development and assembly of the station continues, with an experimental inflatable space habitat added in , and several major new Russian elements scheduled for launch starting in In January , the station’s operation authorization was extended to , with funding secured within the United States through that year.

The ISS consists of pressurised habitation modules, structural trusses, photovoltaic solar arrays , thermal radiators , docking ports , experiment bays and robotic arms. The Dragon spacecraft allows the return of pressurised cargo to Earth, which is used, for example, to repatriate scientific experiments for further analysis.

As of April [update] , astronauts, cosmonauts, and space tourists from 20 different nations have visited the space station, many of them multiple times.

In early , science ministers from the European Space Agency ESA countries approved the Columbus programme, the most ambitious effort in space undertaken by that organisation at the time.

The plan spearheaded by Germany and Italy included a module which would be attached to Freedom , and with the capability to evolve into a full-fledged European orbital outpost before the end of the century. The space station was also going to tie the emerging European and Japanese national space programmes closer to the US-led project, thereby preventing those nations from becoming major, independent competitors too.

The ISS was originally intended to be a laboratory, observatory, and factory while providing transportation, maintenance, and a low Earth orbit staging base for possible future missions to the Moon, Mars, and asteroids. However, not all of the uses envisioned in the initial memorandum of understanding between NASA and Roscosmos have been realised.

The ISS provides a platform to conduct scientific research, with power, data, cooling, and crew available to support experiments. Small uncrewed spacecraft can also provide platforms for experiments, especially those involving zero gravity and exposure to space, but space stations offer a long-term environment where studies can be performed potentially for decades, combined with ready access by human researchers. The ISS simplifies individual experiments by allowing groups of experiments to share the same launches and crew time.

Research is conducted in a wide variety of fields, including astrobiology , astronomy , physical sciences , materials science , space weather , meteorology , and human research including space medicine and the life sciences. If follow-on experiments are necessary, the routinely scheduled launches of resupply craft allows new hardware to be launched with relative ease.

However, a considerable amount of crew time is taken up by station maintenance. Perhaps the most notable ISS experiment is the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer AMS , which is intended to detect dark matter and answer other fundamental questions about our universe. Currently docked on station, it could not have been easily accommodated on a free flying satellite platform because of its power and bandwidth needs.

The space environment is hostile to life. Unprotected presence in space is characterised by an intense radiation field consisting primarily of protons and other subatomic charged particles from the solar wind , in addition to cosmic rays , high vacuum, extreme temperatures, and microgravity. Medical research improves knowledge about the effects of long-term space exposure on the human body, including muscle atrophy , bone loss , and fluid shift.

These data will be used to determine whether high duration human spaceflight and space colonisation are feasible. In , data on bone loss and muscular atrophy suggested that there would be a significant risk of fractures and movement problems if astronauts landed on a planet after a lengthy interplanetary cruise, such as the six-month interval required to travel to Mars.

Prominent among these is the Advanced Diagnostic Ultrasound in Microgravity study in which astronauts perform ultrasound scans under the guidance of remote experts. The study considers the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions in space. Usually, there is no physician on board the ISS and diagnosis of medical conditions is a challenge.

It is anticipated that remotely guided ultrasound scans will have application on Earth in emergency and rural care situations where access to a trained physician is difficult. In August , scientists reported that bacteria from Earth, particularly Deinococcus radiodurans bacteria, which is highly resistant to environmental hazards , were found to survive for three years in outer space , based on studies conducted on the International Space Station.

These findings supported the notion of panspermia , the hypothesis that life exists throughout the Universe , distributed in various ways, including space dust , meteoroids , asteroids , comets , planetoids or contaminated spacecraft. Remote sensing of the Earth, astronomy, and deep space research on the ISS have dramatically increased during the s after the completion of the US Orbital Segment in Throughout the more than 20 years of the ISS program researchers aboard the ISS and on the ground have examined aerosols , ozone , lightning , and oxides in Earth’s atmosphere, as well as the Sun , cosmic rays, cosmic dust , antimatter , and dark matter in the universe.

Researchers are investigating the effect of the station’s near-weightless environment on the evolution, development, growth and internal processes of plants and animals.

In response to some of the data, NASA wants to investigate microgravity ‘s effects on the growth of three-dimensional, human-like tissues and the unusual protein crystals that can be formed in space. Investigating the physics of fluids in microgravity will provide better models of the behaviour of fluids.

Because fluids can be almost completely combined in microgravity, physicists investigate fluids that do not mix well on Earth. Examining reactions that are slowed by low gravity and low temperatures will improve our understanding of superconductivity.

The study of materials science is an important ISS research activity, with the objective of reaping economic benefits through the improvement of techniques used on the ground. These findings may improve knowledge about energy production and lead to economic and environmental benefits.

The ISS provides a location in the relative safety of low Earth orbit to test spacecraft systems that will be required for long-duration missions to the Moon and Mars. This provides experience in operations, maintenance as well as repair and replacement activities on-orbit. This will help develop essential skills in operating spacecraft farther from Earth, reduce mission risks, and advance the capabilities of interplanetary spacecraft.

In , noting the value of the partnership framework itself, Sergey Krasnov wrote, “When compared with partners acting separately, partners developing complementary abilities and resources could give us much more assurance of the success and safety of space exploration. The ISS is helping further advance near-Earth space exploration and realisation of prospective programmes of research and exploration of the Solar system, including the Moon and Mars.

The ISS crew provides opportunities for students on Earth by running student-developed experiments, making educational demonstrations, allowing for student participation in classroom versions of ISS experiments, and directly engaging students using radio, and email. The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA aims to inspire children to “pursue craftsmanship” and to heighten their “awareness of the importance of life and their responsibilities in society”. Cultural activities are another major objective of the ISS programme.

Amateur Radio on the ISS ARISS is a volunteer programme that encourages students worldwide to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, through amateur radio communications opportunities with the ISS crew.

In areas where radio equipment cannot be used, speakerphones connect students to ground stations which then connect the calls to the space station. First Orbit is a feature-length documentary film about Vostok 1 , the first crewed space flight around the Earth. By matching the orbit of the ISS to that of Vostok 1 as closely as possible, in terms of ground path and time of day, documentary filmmaker Christopher Riley and ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli were able to film the view that Yuri Gagarin saw on his pioneering orbital space flight.

This new footage was cut together with the original Vostok 1 mission audio recordings sourced from the Russian State Archive. These were the first content made in space specifically for Wikipedia.

Since the International Space Station is a multi-national collaborative project, the components for in-orbit assembly were manufactured in various countries around the world. Beginning in the mid s, the U. Zvezda was initially manufactured in as a component for Mir-2 , but was never launched and instead became the ISS Service Module.

The mobile base system, a connecting framework for Canadarm2 mounted on rails, was built by Northrop Grumman. The assembly of the International Space Station, a major endeavour in space architecture , began in November It provided propulsion, attitude control , communications, and electrical power, but lacked long-term life support functions. On 12 July , the Zvezda module was launched into orbit. Onboard preprogrammed commands deployed its solar arrays and communications antenna.

Zvezda then became the passive target for a rendezvous with Zarya and Unity , maintaining a station-keeping orbit while the Zarya — Unity vehicle performed the rendezvous and docking via ground control and the Russian automated rendezvous and docking system. Zarya ‘s computer transferred control of the station to Zvezda ‘s computer soon after docking.

Zvezda added sleeping quarters, a toilet, kitchen, CO 2 scrubbers, dehumidifier, oxygen generators, and exercise equipment, plus data, voice and television communications with mission control, enabling permanent habitation of the station.

At the end of the first day on the station, astronaut Bill Shepherd requested the use of the radio call sign ” Alpha “, which he and cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev preferred to the more cumbersome ” International Space Station “. Referencing a naval tradition in a pre-launch news conference he had said: “For thousands of years, humans have been going to sea in ships.

People have designed and built these vessels, launched them with a good feeling that a name will bring good fortune to the crew and success to their voyage.

These two flights each added segments of the station’s Integrated Truss Structure , which provided the station with Ku-band communication for US television, additional attitude support needed for the additional mass of the USOS, and substantial solar arrays to supplement the station’s four existing arrays.

A Soyuz-U rocket delivered the Pirs docking compartment. The Space Shuttles Discovery , Atlantis , and Endeavour delivered the Destiny laboratory and Quest airlock , in addition to the station’s main robot arm, the Canadarm2, and several more segments of the Integrated Truss Structure. The expansion schedule was interrupted in by the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster and a resulting hiatus in flights.

As a result of the major expansion of the station’s power-generating capabilities, more pressurised modules could be accommodated, and the Harmony node and Columbus European laboratory were added.

By June , the station consisted of 15 pressurised modules and the Integrated Truss Structure. Russia’s new primary research module Nauka docked in July , [] along with the European Robotic Arm which will be able to relocate itself to different parts of the Russian modules of the station. The gross mass of the station changes over time. The total launch mass of the modules on orbit is about , kg , lb as of 3 September [update]. Hydrogen gas is constantly vented overboard by the oxygen generators.

The ISS is a modular space station. Modular stations can allow modules to be added to or removed from the existing structure, allowing greater flexibility. Diagram structure of International Space Station after installation of solar arrays as of September Below is a diagram of major station components.

The blue areas are pressurised sections accessible by the crew without using spacesuits. The station’s unpressurised superstructure is indicated in red. Planned components are shown in white, non installed, temporarily defunct or non-commissioned components are shown in brown and former ones in gray. Other unpressurised components are yellow. The Unity node joins directly to the Destiny laboratory.

For clarity, they are shown apart. Similar cases are also seen in other parts of the structure. With the launch and assembly in orbit of other modules with more specialized functionality, Zarya, as of August , is primarily be used for storage, both inside the pressurized section and in the externally mounted fuel tanks. The name Zarya “Dawn” was given to the FGB because it signified the dawn of a new era of international cooperation in space.

Although it was built by a Russian company, it is owned by the United States. The Unity connecting module, also known as Node 1, is the first U. It connects the Russian and U. The module is cylindrical in shape, with six berthing locations forward , aft , port , starboard , zenith , and nadir facilitating connections to other modules.


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