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The Blue Collars city life pc game in the manufacturing and “dirty” energy industries of the city and have revenues close to that of the Fringes they are slightly more live, but their workplaces generate more pollution They represent working class families with traditional values.


City life pc game. City Life: World Edition

Top reviews from other countries. Customer reviews. Will it run? The blue collar workers don’t think much of the artsy fringe types, so you’re encouraged not to build mechanics’ shops next to mime artist refuges, unless you want your meticulously planned streets running thick with blood and face paint. Player Support. For example, blue collars infinitely prefer a country bar to a family restaurant found in a fringe neighbourhood, and vice-versa.


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City Life: ESRB Rating: E – Everyone: Genre: Simulation: System Requirements: Windows /XP/ME GHz processor (GHz recommended) 2GB free hard drive space MB RAM (MB recommended) 3D Graphics Card with 64 MB RAM and T&L (MB RAM recommened) % DirectSound-compatible sound card DirectX c or better 12x or better CD-ROM drive. Far from being the Sim City clone it may initially appear to be, City Life is a deep and challenging city builder that fans of this niche genre will enjoy. The concept of having to provide for and maintain harmony between the six subcultures really makes the game an original experience and despite the many similarities to Sim City 4 the game never actually feels like . City Life is an incredible City Builder in real-time 3D. Over the course of 45 exciting missions, you will construct incredible megalopolises within superb animated environments filled with numerous special effects. Players have total freedom to make stunning cities rise from the ground that are bursting with life.