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Where does the clean water flowing out of your kitchen faucet come from? In Clarksville, Tennessee, it is pumped from the Cumberland River to the water-treatment plant. And after you use the water, it goes to the wastewater-treatment plant. At both facilities, plant operators control processes and equipment that remove pollutants from the water. They take water samples and read meters and gauges. After examining this data, they adjust equipment or the dosing of chemicals to ensure that the water is safe. And that’s just a typical day. As an operator, you may sometimes have to handle emergencies, remaining calm while working in dangerous conditions. Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant careers are fulfilling and an excellent way to serve your community and provide a stable work environment.

A new Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant (WTP/WWTP) Operations employee is placed on a career path of in-house and formal classroom training progressing the employee through four positions of WTP/WWTP Operations (from Assistant to Specialist). Training shall consist of both extensive in-house instruction and external education from TDEC and other sources. The new operator shall be evaluated regularly throughout his/her career path until the employee has received a Tennessee Grade 4 Water or Wastewater Treatment Operators Certification, respective to the plant assigned. The position of WTP/WWTP Operations Specialist shall be obtained within 30 months of employment with the WTP or WWTP. In-house training evaluations shall be performed by management on a monthly basis until the employee obtains his/her first certification. Pay increases will accompany promotion from the Assistant (A12) position to the Specialist (B23) position (three total positions).

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