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This position will be responsible for managing potable water and/or sanitary sewer (decentralized type) infrastructure projects initiated by either CUDRC (hereafter the District) and those initiated by developers to provide potable water and/or sanitary sewer service to residential, commercial, or industrial sites. This involves oversight of the design and construction of said utility infrastructure to ensure it meets the needs of the District and its standards and specifications. Also, coordination with other District departments, Developers, Engineers (those hired by developers and the District), Contractors (those hired by developers and the District) and Government Entities to ensure all parties are informed and/or consulted as applicable. This position must be able to perform their duties with limited supervision and shall consult with supervisor for unusual or complex matters. This position will provide direct supervision of Engineering Technician(s), Project Coordinator, Construction Inspectors, and/or Easement Coordinator(s) who assist with project management responsibilities.

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