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Key Features: s of custom statistics on over 25 highly detailed popups – Many broken по ссылке by situation and stack size. Audit files only contain limited information, but they can help fill in gaps in your results. Tip: If you have a lot of hand histories saved in your PokerStars folder, the import process may take some time. Want to pokertracker 4 zoom hud download a new statistic to a built-in report? The full version has,,blind levels.

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Please, visit to get more stuff. DOWNLOAD. B Champman’s Cash HUD + Popup by B Champman Dec. 15, FR changed their Zoom window titles resulting in the PT4 HUD not being able to find it to attach to. Please download and install the latest. my HUD doesn’t work with ZOOM. I have the lastest version of PT4, I first started PT4 and started getting hands before opening Pokerstars.


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Specifically for 6max cash. This is the original default HUD layout from the initial release of PT3, which has a single popup group. Shows effective stack size in BB for HU play. The stat should be used as a Hero Only statistic. Includes color coding with blue for stationary, green for tight and red for aggressive. Feedback can be given to Polycarpus gmail. Sign In Create Account. Key Features: s of custom statistics on over 25 highly detailed popups – Many broken down by situation and stack size.

TableVision elements – A wide variety of statistics are broken down by position are arranged in the familiar poker table layout. Advanced visualizations – A new dimension in the way data is presented, making statistics easier to locate and comprehend than ever before. Dedicated Short Stack Popup – Featuring shove and non all-in statistics for different shallow situations. Our work on PokerTracker 4 is never finished, PokerTracker’s development team remains commited to bringing you new features to help you stay on top of your game.

While developing PokerTracker 4 our goal was simple, our software is designed to help poker players to be more productive while playing and to simplify post-game analysis. Sign In Create Account. Do you want to upgrade from PokerTracker 3 to PokerTracker 4?

Visit the upgrades page. Review reports by double clicking to drill deeper into the data for greater detail Holdem Hand Range Visualizer shows results in ranges of hands or the raw values LeakTracker helps fix issues with common stat results through the use of tutorial videos Global Player Game, Range, Statistics, and Scatter graphs Luck Bell Curve graph displays the frequency of draws hitting Money Flow chart shows how winnings are passed between players Modify existing reports, or create your own using My Reports.

Visit the PokerTracker supported sites list for full site and network support information. PokerTracker 4 makes taking notes easier with the use of our new free-form system that integrates seamlessly across all poker networks inside your HUD with color coding and notation shortcuts to record your observations.

Switch between total database statistics with filters or the current table session stats to compare how an opponent’s play at the table compares with your historical experience. Mucked cards at showdown include street by street equity percentages for immediate post-hand analysis. Tag and review hands while playing using the new HUD Tag menu.

Get additional HUD designs directly from the Download Warehouse without restricting your option for further personalization. The Money Flow Chart shows how winnings have been passed between players The Calendar Report delivers month-by-month session analysis; drill into each session to see specific hands The Overview Reports show data grouped by Stake, Position, Session and Date; Basic and Advanced views accommodate all levels of player experience Summary reports provide multiple grouping options, including a special position report for full ring players Use the Luck Bell Curve to visualize the frequency that your draws are completed.

Global Graphs Perform Universal Player Analysis With Global Graphs Explore how specific stats interact with one another and correlate with win rates with PokerTracker 4’s new Global Graphs: Review post flop ranges of all players across your entire database Discover how winners play and find patterns to show why losers lose Use Scatter Graphs to plot data using any two stats on different axes to find players who are outliers, or common player tendencies Combine your personal results in tournaments and cash games in the Overall Results Graph.

Carpe Diem! Try PokerTracker 4 Today. Custom Statistics Add Custom Statistics Eventually the game will grow to a point where a new stat will be needed to meet the needs of our users.

Choose from commonly requested stat additions from the Download Warehouse, including rakeback tracking for every major site when applicable Duplicate existing stats to modify the formula for the stat Create coloring rules at the stat level that will be displayed in all reports Read descriptions of how each stat performs, along with the formula used to calculate each stat.

Hand Replayer Personalize Your Hand Replayer The hand history replayer includes a larger and uncluttered interface to make analysis of hands postgame much easier.

Multiple Replayer table and deck themes are available, additional options are available in the Download Warehouse ICM and Equity Calculation accessible directly from the replayer Use the keyboard to step through or move between hands Switch between lifetime stats and table session stats for the HERO, or show stats as they occurred the time the hand took place Upload hand videos to YouTube with your selected themes displayed.

Configure Reports Have It Your Way The default PokerTracker 4 report interface contains nearly everything you may need for day to day results analysis, but you can rest comfortably knowing that at any time you can have it your way by adding, removing, or relocating statistics for better analysis.

Why Settle For Less? All New Features Included At No Additional Cost PokerTracker 4 has built-in many powerful features so our users are not forced to buy third-party applications at a significant cost.

Notes differ from stats by recording occurrences rather than times and opportunities Auto Notes are viewed in the note window, or as a tool tip when hovering over the note icon Tournament Auto Notes designed by on-line tournament legend Shaun Deeb using effective stack size theory.

Analyze your statistics per position, table size, and even by stakes Watch tutorial videos to learn how to improve performance of key statistics, and to learn how all stats interact with one another in your database.

The Equity Calculator can be activated from the Hand Replayer to pre-populate players and boards Wildcards for suits or ranks can be used for precise analysis Simulate Holdem hand range weighting by choosing from built-in Hand Range Models, or develop your own A multiple range creation tool allows inclusion or exclusion of range components to build an accurate model for Omaha hands.

This is the free version which has limited stats available. Cash game HUD i use. Theres loads of pop ups which i modified from other HUDs where i added stats or deleted stats to suit what i like.

The pops up make it a very useful HUD,give it a try! FBB – vs steal stats and blind versus blind stats. Sign In Create Account. Readless ranges for the begining ROFler. Lacertamax HUD by mael. HUD for 9-max. Version december