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Worth A Click. Username Password Are you new? The Daily Click Downloads Shoot ‘Em Up A timely release of a tech demo demonstrating Construct’s rendering effects. If you have: Pixel shader 1. Your shader version is displayed on the title screen. Arrow keys to move, click to shoot, and try to eradicate all the monsters without letting them touch you too much. Pick your resolution in the title screen and press F to go fullscreen.

Rated : Thumbs up! Yep, I thought I’d replace the outdated ghost shooter demo. It seemed to be causing a bit of fuss. Rated : Updates like windows, graphics cards, applications, many retail games patches also need? Better give up computers if you don’t like updating.

Construct seems to be doing well! Cool stuff. Rated : The rain is actually kind of cool. Thumbs up. Rated : it runs 3fps on my comp. Heh, what’s your graphics card? Have you tried x in fullscreen? That should run fastest. Rated : its not a bad card. Comment edited by cec! As far as I can tell from googling the specs, it’s only got one pixel pipeline, which I’ve found seems to be the biggest factor in deciding shader performance. My GT has pipelines, and runs, well, about times faster fps uncapped.

It might be a bug, so I’ll check, but maybe this demo is too heavy on shaders for your card. Rated : Constant 50fps, whilst graphically impressive it’s only a minor tech demo.

Rated : maybe make an option to turn the shaders off then? Rated : I’m definitely looking forward to using Construct with results like these. I don’t understand the hostility between Scirra and TDC, it’s a bit ridiculous.

TDC supports Clickteam, sure, but this kind of reclusive behavior just hurts. Looking forward to more updates on Construct. Cecil: You might’ve just asked him to turn the tech of the tech demo off. Rated : lol. Rated : I don’t understand why people are giving it one star.. It is pretty impressive in my opinion. Rated : Good stuff. Posted by Guru Rinpoche. Rated : I really like the zooming effect Rated : Found a computer with pixel shaders to try this on.

I’m also glad the upload wasn’t deleted. I’m happy to see that TDC support other game-creation tools even if there is a “click” in the name. Sneezer- All you have to do is find the. Maybe you need a few more things, I dunno, but, just google what ya need, toss it in the same folder with the demo, and you’re set to view. Back on Topic: I don’t like the effects. Everything is too blurred. The laser looks good, but I can’t seem to kill the monsters for some reason. Does it even harm them? For an effects showoff display, it shouldn’t try to be a game at the same time.

That makes it hard to pay attention to the effects. What is this pixel shaders thing? Do I need to get that to view it right? Well, I can’t rate this, cause I don’t know what I’m looking at.

That might be a bug – compare it to the screenshot. IMO that’s not blurry, but the background texture could be higher quality to prevent linear ‘smoothing’. If the game does look blurrier than the screenshot, I’d be interested in your specs esp. The game turns effects on or off depending on if your hardware supports them, so it should look alright on any hardware.

Hold the laser over a ghost to hurt it Rated : Oh no I think it’s very impressive. I wish MMF2 could do this kind of thing, I gave it 1 star because it’s a very limited demo with virtually no gameplay and no music? It isn’t open source obviously so theres nothing to learn.

Post Reply. Home :. Downloads :. Articles :. Projects :. Reviews :. Forums :. Arcade :. Klikcast :. Sure people can add them to the downloads section but they’re inevitably going to get lost in the ‘s of games and broken links.

Originally Posted by Pato Gimenez Punta dead link!! Worth A Click. Username Password Are you new? The Daily Click Forums Klik Coding Help Post Reply Post Oekaki. Knowing how hard it is to get tGF and MMF1 example files now-a-days, it probably won’t be long before many MMF2 resources begin to disappear from the net too. This pack does NOT contain extensions. I figured with Darkwire’s site up, updated extensions are easy enough to download and I didn’t want to take the chance of accidentally including one or two of my commercial extensions without realizing it.

However, the pack does contain many examples and help files for extensions. If you know of example sources that aren’t common and haven’t been included in this package, please link to or upload the content and PM me here on tDC, please. I plan on releasing updates to this pack when I amass enough new content to warrant an update.

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Pixel Shaders examples.

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Clickteam zoom pixel shader download


Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Pixel Shaders examples. Pixel Shaders examples Hi all! I’ve uploaded an example of all the pixel shaders I’ve done. You can download the file here rename “.

Please, post here all the ideas you want to have for fun or for a project. I’ll try to see if I can make a pixel shader for it. I’ll make a package of all the pixel shaders presented in this example. Re: Pixel Shaders examples Nice. Can someone write a guide on this?. Find possible, but as they normally use in the game?

Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 30 Dec, am. Posts: 5. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. I don’t have the zoom shader installed at the moment, but my instinct says to apply the shader to the layer instead of the whole screen, and shake the layer instead of changing the camera position. It sounded to me like the goal was to zoom in on a Frame that wasn’t any wider or taller than the screen resolution and still do a screenshake.

May have just misread it though. Originally Posted by marbenx. No need for extra space since it moves the entire layer itself rather than the camera. It’s basically the same effect as moving the camera “beyond” the frame’s edge This is a little bit exaggerated but the black square with the pink outline is an x active object on a x frame.