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Microsoft publisher 2016 running slow free download

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I have already compressed all the images. I have also checked the option which says “use legacy drag preview” and “disable hardware graphics acceleration” based on similar problems I found people posting about with the version.

So far, no luck I am hoping there is some magic solution which will help me speed up the image processing without having to hide the images each time. I even just pulled 2 images from the document I was working in and pasted them in a brand new document.

And the problem still occurred. Please try to repair Publisher following the steps in this article first: Repair an Office application. Thanks for your understanding. Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Thanks for your feedback. My Publisher is running very slow and I have tried multiple solutions that I read on other forums. Nothing helps. It isn’t just the images, it is everything.

Search the community and support articles Microsoft and Office Publisher Search Community member. I have the same question Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. We understand how you feel about this issue, let me assist you further. Let us try disabling hardware acceleration in Publisher and check how it works. Click the File tab. Click Options. Click Advanced.

Click Ok. You may also update your Display and Graphic Card drivers and check if it helps. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. In reply to A. I am under a serious fast deadline. It is a book that will have about 40 pages and lots of pictures and text. Safe mode and Office repair are the valid standard trouble shooting processes.

I suspect that they won’t help with this problem, but it does not hurt to try them, just use a little time and they MAY find a cause for your problem.

Actually, your problem sounds familiar. When Office was released, and to a lesser extent many people reported similar issues with Word and Excel. To a lesser extent with Powerpoint and Visio.

I don’t recall seeing anything about Publisher, but I could have simply missed the few that were posted. The similar problems caused in the other applications had a couple of common causes. I’ll give you tips for the other applications, you will simply have to ignore the application and try to adapt the suggestions to use them in Publisher.

Most should be adaptable Excel Office So Slow that I cannot use it. Bob, Certainly appreciate you looking into this. I had already disabled graphics acceleration. Besides, the comparison was performed on an out-of-the-box Surface Pro 3, with i5 processor and Win So the comparative test is done on only one computer, works very good with the old version of Excel on this Surface Pro. Hard to believe its graphic drivers are wrong, too, since both the computer and the software are Microsoft products.

It works great. Also, Excel seems to have no problem running my “test” program at a reasonable speed a Monte Carlo simulation, see earlier post. There’s also a wait state item wowspl or something like that that has to be cleared first through Task Manager whenever Excel is run.

Too bad there isn’t a switch to run it in Excel97 mode keeping all the mathematical error corrections that came with the more recent versions, of course. I don’t use much of those bells and whistles on the new version, so wouldn’t miss them, if it made it run faster. Regards, Dave. EXE process in the background Somehow, this started when I used OneNote via Outlook for the first time. What this process does is build a very large cache of indexed Office files on your local drive.

I discovered that simply turning off this option does not automatically delete the cache and free the space. Sluggish response in my office Word document editing was due to using the navigation pane only. I use navigation pane often since I typically work on large documents.

Once I turned off the navigation pane, response is as expected. No other settings or features caused this poor response in Word because I tried them all! I have found that switching between all page viewing modes: read mode, outline, etc. I experienced a similar issue with slow typing speed in Office Word.

I edit a substantial number of Word and Excel documents for work and found the Onedrive storage incredibly beneficial for working remotely. I realized though that documents which are being edited from Onedrive, not a local copy, experience the slow typing speed issue. The fix: From word: File, Options. Either way, I changed the advanced options, and no more problem. I have had the same problem on many computers and tried every solution I found on the web and nothing worked registry changes, office settings save display and more.

As a test I copied the files from my Onedrive folder to the desktop and everything worked well – typing was as fast as office – the slow typing was a one drive problem. Wanting both the benefits of Onedrive and the ability to type without lag I did the following:.



Microsoft publisher 2016 running slow free download. Quick Fixes for Office 365 Slowing Down Computer

Apr 08,  · I recently renewed my Office and have Office Recently I also updated to Windows 10 64 bit from Windows 7 64 bit. When trying to insert an image file into a publisher document I am creating it is incredibly slow and almost impossible to get any smooth placement of images. Aug 12,  · Publisher running veeeery slow! Hope someone on here has an answer to this. I use Publisher to produce stamp album pages for philatelists. I have been doing this since , previously using Office I have been using since it was first issued with no problems until the last few days. Selecting, typing, navigating is incredibly slow. Hi.. I have a brand new computer.. No previous software or programs installed. It came running Windows I signed up with Office and downloaded publisher which i pay monthly for. I am running with 8GB. I imported my current project into publisher to continue working on it on this new computer.