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Are you a long-term investor and curious about the potential prices of popular stocks in the next few years? Make sure to bookmark this collection and check back from time to time to see our newest additions to our growing list of stock forecasts. What is stock market forecasting? Stock market prediction involves trying to determine the future value of a company stock or other type of security traded on an exchange. As you might imagine, successfully predicting a stock’s future price could mean that you profit from it, and our goal is to do just that for you — to help you build a profitable portfolio.

How do we make stock market predictions? We use several techniques, including the reliable methods of fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Technical and fundamental analysis often works best in tandem to identify volume trends, including recently traded volume and to use that compiled data to gain additional insight.

We track short-term movements and track reactions over time. It simply means we look at a chart of a specific stock to see how it has performed over time and use this analysis to make future predictions based on looking at patterns. What do we know we need to be careful to watch out for when coming up with stock forecasts? Knowing that the fundamental and technical analysis can be flawed, history cannot predict future positive or negative data because it’s from the past.

In addition, charts don’t always consistently forecast macro trends and you can always identify subjectivity in the charts because humans are the ones analyzing them. These aren’t easy concepts to grasp. However, we use top-of-the line technology to help you develop the right options based on fundamental strength, accumulation and characteristics based on qualitative and quantitative fundamental and technical analysis.

Here’s why EVgo stock is different from other EV chargers and how it could double your money. Read more We’ll help you decide whether this is a top stock worth owning in our NAKD stock price prediction report Coinbase stock is in a unique position within that growing market, one that makes the stock one you should buy today. The company works with government agencies and corporations on surveillance and security using high-powered artificial intelligence AI.

The SoFi Technologies stock forecast for looks potentially bullish if everything plays in the company’s favor. Sundial Growers Inc. General Electric is an undervalued stock that could see an incredible, triple-digit rise over the next five years as airlines recover and rebound from their pandemic lows. Twitter Reddit. Print Email. Pinterest Gmail. To: Required Needs to be a valid email.

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This Zoom stock forecast for says it could nearly double in the next five years. Here’s what the market currently misunderstands about Zoom stock And the PLTR stock forecast for looks even more promising now. A data mining and intelligence leader, Palantir specializes in data analysis.

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But some still believe this one is a long buy. Next Last.


Zoominfo stock forecast 2025.ZoomInfo Technologies (ZI) stock forecast for 2022 – 2027


We use cookies to understand how you use our site zoominfo stock forecast 2025 to improve your experience. This includes personalizing content and advertising. To learn more, click here. By continuing zoominfo stock forecast 2025 use our site, you accept our use of cookies, revised Privacy Sgock and Terms of Service. Don’t Know Your Password? ZacksTrade and Zacks. The web link between the two companies is not a solicitation or offer to zoominfo stock forecast 2025 in a particular security or type of security.

OK Cancel. Add to portfolio. This is our short term rating system that serves as a timeliness indicator for stocks over the next 1 to 3 stocck. How good is sfock See rankings and related performance below. Zoominfo stock forecast 2025 Rank Home – Zacks Rank resources in one place. Zacks Premium – The only way to fully access the Zacks Rank.

The Style Scores are a complementary set of indicators to use alongside the Zacks Rank. It allows the user to better focus zlominfo the stocks that are the best fit for his or her personal trading style.

The scores are based on the trading styles of Value, Growth, and Momentum. As an investor, you want to buy stocks with the highest probability of success.

An industry with a zoominfo stock forecast 2025 percentage of Zacks Foreacst 1’s and 2’s will have a stocck average Zacks Rank than one with a larger percentage of Zacks Rank 4’s and 5’s.

Zominfo Computer – Integrated Systems. View All Zacks 1 Ranked Stocks. Zacks’ proprietary data indicates that ZoomInfo Technologies Inc. In addition, ZoomInfo Technologies Inc. Valuation metrics show that ZoomInfo Technologies Inc. Its Value Score of D indicates it would be a bad pick for value investors. The financial health and growth zoominfo stock forecast 2025 of ZI, demonstrate its potential to underperform the market. It currently has a Growth Score of B.

Recent price changes and earnings estimate revisions indicate zoominfo stock forecast 2025 stock lacks momentum and would be a /29897.txt choice for momentum investors.

The ever popular one-page Snapshot reports are generated for virtually every zoominof Zacks Ranked stock. It’s packed with zooimnfo of the company’s key stats and salient decision making information. The detailed multi-page Analyst report does an even deeper dive on the company’s vital statistics.

In addition to all of the proprietary analysis in the Snapshot, the download snapchat for also visually displays the four components of the Forecastt Rank Agreement, Magnitude, Upside and Surprise ; provides a comprehensive overview of the company business drivers, complete with earnings and sales charts; a recap of their last earnings report; and a bulleted list of reasons to buy or sell the stock.

Researching stocks has never been so stockk or insightful as with the ZER Analyst and Snapshot reports. Learn more about Zacks Equity Research reports. See more Zacks Equity Research reports. The Value Scorecard identifies the stocks most likely to outperform based on its valuation metrics.

This list of both classic and unconventional valuation items helps separate zoominfo stock forecast 2025 stocks are overvalued, rightly lowly valued, and temporarily undervalued which are poised /19909.txt move higher.

The Value Scorecard table also displays the values основываясь на этих данных its respective Industry along with the values and Value Score of its three closest peers. Value Style – Learn more about the Value Style. The Growth Scorecard evaluates sales and earnings growth along with other important growth measures.

Some of the items you’ll see in this category might look very familiar, while other items might be quite new to some. But they all have their place in the Growth style. The Growth Scorecard table also displays the values for its respective Industry along flrecast the values and Growth Zoomnifo of its three closest peers.

Growth Style – Learn more about the Growth Style. The Momentum Scorecard focuses on price and zoominfp momentum and indicates when the timing is right to enter a stock. The analyzed items go beyond simple trend analysis. The tested combination of price performance, and earnings momentum both actual and estimate revisionscreates a zoominfo stock forecast 2025 timeliness indicator to help you identify stocks on the move so you know when to get in and when to get out.

The Momentum Scorecard table also displays the values for its respective Industry along with действительно. zoom cloud meeting app download for windows 10 очень values and Momentum Score of узнать больше здесь three closest peers.

Momentum Style – Learn more about the Momentum Style. The Zacks database contains fordcast 10, zoominfo stock forecast 2025. For example, a regional bank would be classified in torecast Finance Sector. This allows the investor to be as broad or ztock specific as they want to be when selecting stocks.

The X Industry values displayed in this column are the median values for all of rorecast stocks within their respective industry. When evaluating a stock, it can be useful to compare it to its industry as a point of reference.

Moreover, when sotck stocks in different industries, it can become even more important to look at the relative measures, since different stocks in different industries have different values that are considered normal. Zacks Premium – The mic not working pc – airpods mic not working on zoom pc to access to the Zacks Rank. As an investor, you want to buy srocks with the highest probability of success. This is also referred to as the cash yield. Like the earnings yield, which shows the anticipated yield or return on a stock based on the earnings and the price paid, the cash yield does the same, but with cash being the numerator instead of earnings.

Many investors prefer EV to just Market Cap as a better way to determine the value of a company. That means these items are added back into the net income to produce this earnings number. Since there is a fair amount of discretion in what’s included and not included in the ‘ITDA’ portion of this calculation, it is considered a non-GAAP metric.

Conventional wisdom says that a PEG ratio of 1 or less is considered good at par or undervalued to its growth rate. A value greater than 1, in general, is not as good zoominfo stock forecast 2025 to its growth rate.

So the PEG ratio tells you what you’re paying for each unit of earnings growth. Book value is defined as total assets minus liabilities, preferred stocks, and intangible assets. In short, this is how much forrecast company is worth.

Investors use this metric to determine how a company’s stock price stacks up to its intrinsic value. Note; companies will typically sell for more than their book value in much the same way that a company will sell at a multiple of its earnings. So, as with zoominfo stock forecast 2025 valuation metrics, it’s a good idea to compare it to its relevant industry. It’s another great way to determine whether a продолжение здесь is undervalued or overvalued with the denominator being forecat zoominfo stock forecast 2025.

A value under 20 is generally considered good. Our testing substantiates this with the forecaet range for price performance between It is the most commonly used metric for determining a company’s value relative to its earnings.

In this example, we are using the consensus zoominfo stock forecast 2025 estimate for the Current Fiscal Year F1. In general, a lower number or multiple is usually considered better that a higher one.

In general, the lower the ratio is the better. It’s calculated as earnings divided by price. A yield of 8. The most common way this ratio is used is to compare it to other stocks and to compare it to the 10 Year T-Bill. Conversely, if the zoominfo stock forecast 2025 on stocks is higher than fofecast 10 Yr. Since bonds and stocks compete for investors’ dollars, a higher yield typically needs to be paid to the stock investor for the extra risk being assumed vs.

It is used to help gauge a company’s financial health. A higher number means the company has more debt to equity, whereas a lower number means it has less debt to equity. When comparing this ratio to different stocks in different industries, take note that some businesses are more capital intensive than others. So soominfo a good idea zoominfo stock forecast 2025 compare a stock’s debt to equity ratio to its industry to see how it stacks up to its peers first.

Cash flow can be found on the cash flow statement. It’s then divided by the number of shares outstanding to determine how much cash is generated per share. It’s used by investors frecast a measure of financial health. Cash is vital to a company zolminfo order to finance operations, invest in the business, pay expenses, etc. Since cash can’t be manipulated like earnings can, it’s a preferred metric for analysts.

Using this item along with the ‘Current Cash Flow Growth Rate’ in the Growth category aboveand the ‘Price to Cash Flow ratio’ several items above in this same Value categorywill give you a well-rounded foorecast of the amount of cash they are generating, 0225 rate of their cash flow growth, foreecast the stock price relative to zoominfo stock forecast 2025 cash flow. This longer-term historical perspective lets the user see how a company has grown over time.

Note: there are forefast factors that can influence the longer-term number, not the least of which is the overall state of the economy recession will reduce this number for example, while a recovery will inflate itwhich can skew comparisons when looking out over forecasg time frames. The longer-term perspective helps smooth out short-term events.

Projected EPS Growth looks at the estimated growth rate for one year. It takes the forevast estimate for the current fiscal year F1 divided by the EPS for the last completed fiscal year F0 actual if reported, the consensus if not. That does not mean that all companies with large growth rates will have a favorable Growth Score. Many other growth items are considered as well.


Zoominfo stock forecast 2025.The End of the Pandemic Won’t Spell the End for Zoom


Stock Price Forecast for October Open: 9. Stock Price Forecast for December Open: 8. Stock Price Forecast for January Open: 5. Stock Price Forecast for February Open: 0. Stock Price Forecast for March Open: 0. Stock Price Forecast for April Open: 0. Stock Price Forecast for May Open: 0. Stock Price Forecast for June Open: 0. Stock Price Forecast for July Open: 0.

Stock Price Forecast for August Open: 0. Stock Price Forecast for September Open: 0. Stock Price Forecast for October Open: 0. Stock Price Forecast for November Open: 0. Stock Price Forecast for December Open: 0. Stock Price Forecast for January Open: 0. Tweet Share. Log in with Or sign up with Walletinvestor. Will ZI price go up? Will ZoomInfo Technologies Inc. Will ZI price drop?

Will ZI stock price rise? Is ZoomInfo Technologies Inc. Is ZI stock price going to drop? When will ZI price fall? When will ZI stock price go down? When will ZoomInfo Technologies Inc. We can’t guarantee any profit.

Please wait Price: Min: Max: Open: Close: Low: High: Stock Price Forecast for Change: Change: 1. Change: 6. Close: 7. Min: 5. Open: 7. Min: 7. Close: 9.

Min: 8. Open: 9. Min: 9. Change: 5. Open: 8. Close: 5. ZoomInfo has beaten industry revenue expectations for the fourth quarter in a row. The electronic information company had earnings per share that were also better than predicted, which was good news for the ZI stock price.

However, all was not as it seemed, with the unadjusted figures telling quite another story. But what about the future? What sort of ZI stock forecast is there? In this article, we’ll take a look. Over the course of the past few months, ZoomInfo has been busy. The company bought data-orchestration businesses RingLead and chorus. When the ZoomInfo quarterly earnings update came out on 1 November, it represented good news for the company and for its shareholders.

Most notably this was, according to Nasdaq , better than the Zacks Consensus Estimate for revenues by 7. This is because the adjusted earnings that ZoomInfo quoted were far lower than the unadjusted figures. That said, ZoomInfo did address this issue in its original press release. We believe these non-GAAP measures are useful to investors in evaluating our operating performance because they eliminate certain items that affect period-over-period comparability and provide consistency with past financial performance and additional information about our underlying results and trends by excluding certain items that may not be indicative of our business, results of operations, or outlook.

The company was also unfazed by the conflicting news about its earnings per share, and said it was revising its own predictions upwards. You voted bearish. You voted bullish.

There was also some discrepancy when it came to the overall operating income of the business. The team is executing well across every area of the business. Adoption of new products and new features and functionality is exceeding expectations. Prospects and customers tell us they want a one-stop shop, a unified platform, and they want their investments across the sales tech stack to be integrated.

This further reinforces the competitive moat that we are building with our unified platform. The stock markets seemed unconcerned by the discrepancies between adjusted and unadjusted figures, and appeared to react well to the company revising its own forecasts upwards. This ZoomInfo stock news should be taken into context. The company has enjoyed a lot of growth over the last 12 months.

This is encouraging for a fairly new company which only started trading on the stock market last summer. Whether it can continue to blossom is another matter. Sooner or later, the markets will be more interested in real, rather than hypothetical, figures. The question is, can ZoomInfo catch up? When CNN Money asked 16 experts for their ZI stock predictions for the next year, the overall consensus seemed to be optimistic.

In terms of stock market recommendations, the American news giant polled 17 analysts and the overwhelming majority were upbeat about ZoomInfo.