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Did you know you could use Zoom as a complete communication suite? With the right extensions, that is. By default, Zoom provides over 40 core communication functionalities but it does lack when it comes to extending its options for specific teams or purposes. For all other missing features, we went over 12 categories and picked the best Zoom Marketplace add-ons:. While the People. Every time you have a meeting with a new person, their contact info gets added to People.

Plus, it doubles as a CRM helper. To prevent choppy calls, use a specialized noise-cancelling add-on like Krisp. Need to improve the sound of your Zoom recordings? Just turn Krisp on at the start and let it remove echoes and render your voice in HD quality, with no further post-production editing needed. You can use Krisp along with other add-ons on this list as its low power mode will use minimal CPU power.

HoneyBook is a CRM designed for small businesses who need to keep their client communication, resources, and contracts in a single place. With its simple Zoom plugin, you can instantly schedule meetings and receive auto-generated call details. The Circles add-on aims to change the way you use Zoom by offering a new type of meeting experience. Your videos will now be displayed within the circles with complete video controls. If you opt for this Zoom extension, you can switch up your boring screens to fight Zoom fatigue and stop switching between multiple tabs and apps.

The videos are kept in HD quality and are customizable so they take up as little desktop space as you want. The Eventzilla integration helps you set up any kind of online event and run access through multiple registration types instead of just a landing page. The app also provides advanced collaboration options and the ability to monetize your digital content. The latter comes in handy if you want to charge for an event or webinar. Make use of the OnBoard collaboration features directly in Zoom for improved employee and meeting participant engagement.

Notable features of this plugin include multiple viewing screens, secure messaging, surveys, approval system, and eSignatures. The main benefit of this Zoom add-on is that you can keep every attendee on the same page by providing access to up-to-date information. All without having to switch apps.

You can then review or annotate files during the meeting and store everything safely. This Zoom extension is a must for your tech stack as it has various uses for sales, marketing, and customer support teams, as well as for independent contractors. What better way of setting yourself up for success? A complete recruitment suite right in Zoom?

Yes, please! The most basic task the Freshteam add-on helps with is automatically scheduling candidate interviews. But the plugin goes further by assigning the best host and sending meeting invite links to all participants and their calendars. Along with speeding up the interview scheduling process, you can use Freshteam for onboarding meetings, handling time off, and collecting employee Information.

Note that these features are only available outside of the Zoom interface. In fact, most other Zoom extensions for HR teams only cater to the recruitment stage. This is a solution that works for any individuals or teams looking to create more engaging meetings and events.

You can also use it to record videos for marketing, sales, or presentation purposes. The on-screen cues come in handy for online classes, live demos, and brainstorming. Continuous professional development is one of the top requirements new hires have when joining a company. Ensuring training and mentorship throughout their experience within your organization improves your retention rates and makes for a well-prepared workforce.

For teams that are just starting to prioritize their mentorship programs, this Zoom extension uses smart pairings to connect the right mentor and mentees. Mentorloop also allows employees to keep track of their goals, activities, and communication.

In many ways, the platform mimics Slack but is aimed strictly at connecting employees with new growth opportunities and face-to-face chats with mentors.

On the same training note, the Equeo LMS extension unites all of your learning materials, trainers, and learned information under one hood. The Zoom integration works for scheduling meetings and training webinars from within the platform.

You can use the platform to showcase courses, internal learning resources, and other events such as one-on-one meetings or workshops. Equeo is primarily used by HR teams looking to help their talent grow professionally, reskill themselves, or work on developing their soft skills.

With the Vidyard extension, you can add simple edits to your videos and host them all in one secure place. The options to protect your information are extensive. You can back up your videos with a password, IP whitelist, or single sign-on. This allows you to prevent data leakage while staying compliant with accessibility best practices.

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