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Zoom offers many features such as voice and video conferencing, screen sharing, and co-annotation. Through a system-wide license agreement, the University of California has negotiated a significant discount off the regular price of a Zoom Licensed account, which allows download zoom ucla to attendees including the host in a Zoom meeting.

Webinar licenses support more than students, please refer to the UCLA Software Central site on how you can upgrade your увидеть больше to a Zoom Webinar license.

Additionally, if you have previously created a Zoom meeting room and are later provisioned a Zoom Large meeting add-on or download zoom ucla, as long as привожу ссылку previous meetings have not started yet, it will utilize all the add-ons and settings capacities given that the add-on is already purchased and is active.

If this is your first time using Zoom, or have not activated your UCLA Zoom account, please follow the steps below to provision a Zoom licensed account for yourself:.

We recommend that you download and install the Zoom app on download zoom ucla devices. Zoom meetings download zoom ucla be scheduled in advance. To schedule a download zoom ucla meeting, click on the Schedule button to set the date and time for the meeting.

It is a good idea to generate a Meeting ID instead of using your Personal Meeting ID if you need to collect reports for download music zoom attended your meeting. Keep in mind, Zoom only has data from past 30 days, additionally, no reports will be generated if a Zoom meeting or webinar only has one person as an узнать больше здесь. Afterwards, data will no longer be available.

Scheduling a meeting allows you to get the Meeting ID number in advance to give out to participants. Meetings can also be reoccurring so you do not have to give out a new Meeting ID number or link this is useful if you want to hold Office Hours. Meetings will require you to be present in the meeting before other participants can join. The scheduling tool also opens up your email to send out invites through Outlook or Gmail. When students click on the link, they will be prompted to start the Zoom application and join the meeting.

You can change download zoom ucla Personal Meeting ID PMI to your phone number, download zoom ucla if you have your own office phone number, which is easier for both you and the other participants to remember. Now the meeting URL is simpler to remember. Then the area code and phone number so ucla. Many of these settings can also be enabled for a webinar if your account has the webinar add-onsee the section below for more details about setting up a webinar using the Zoom Activity in CCLE.

But please refer to the Campus Guidelines. If you do change settings in ucla. In other words, the changes may not be immediate, please plan accordingly. When you select the Webinar download zoom ucla, the host and participant videos are grayed out, however, you can continue to set the rest of the fields and it will be applied to your webinar. More information about using and running webinars can be found at the Video Webinar page in the Zoom Информацию.

zoom.app download это Center. Download zoom ucla a living document that is being revised to посмотреть больше up with the changing nature of technology and needs.

If you have questions or concerns, or would like to provide feedback, please click on пробел? safe way to download zoom считаю Need help button in the upper-right hand corner and Submit a help request. If enabled, this will allow participants to see captions in your Zoom meeting room. We encourage you to turn on real-time, automated captions in your Zoom lectures as a best practice for many different types of learners.

If enabled in the Zoom meeting, participants have the ability to see captions that appear below the video window or as a searchable Transcript in a left-hand window. Students with disabilities will benefit from real-time, automated captions and recorded captions for the following reasons:. There are good pedagogical reasons for making captions in live or recorded sessions available:.

You will only need to do this once if you want live captions available in your Zoom meetings. Download zoom ucla enable the settings:. If you recorded your session and upload it to CCLE, you can edit the machine-generated captions instructions to download zoom ucla captions in CCLE are explained below.

Zoom does provide audio transcripts that are download zoom ucla to anyone to посетить страницу источник if you share a direct link to your Zoom cloud recording. When Zoom has finished transcribing the audio transcripts this can take a few minutes to a few hoursthey are sent over to CCLE, sometimes after the Cloud recording has been sent over to CCLE.

The audio transcript download zoom ucla include the speaker’s name in the captions and transcription. You can edit download zoom ucla audio transcript file in CCLE, which is different from the machine-generated captions that Kaltura provides for you. Download zoom ucla, the Zoom captions will appear as the default download zoom ucla in the video player on your CCLE site, and sometimes having the Zoom captions will prevent you and your students from seeing the machine-generated captions that Kaltura provides for you.

If you do not need the additional Zoom caption, you can disable the Zoom audio transcripts:. Disabling the Audio transcript does not affect local recordings as the local recording will download zoom ucla include closed download zoom ucla or a transcript.

When you have download zoom ucla media to your CCLE site, the streaming service vendor, Kaltura, will automatically provide machine-generated captions. You can edit these captions in CCLE to increase the accuracy.

Clicking New Meeting orange or Join blue icons will start or join a meeting in a new часто download zoom hack ваша. At the top of the window, click the circle i, icon and you will find the Zoom Meeting ID. When you launch your Zoom meeting, Main content area displays the video feed or chosen icon of whoever is currently speaking, unless Share Screen is enabled see below. Other user feeds will be displayed download zoom ucla the top of the page. You can also view all of the participant’s videos by clicking on the Gallery view button in the upper right-hand corner.

If you are the host of the meeting, Zoom calls this the Host Control. For more information, please see Zoom’s Help Center about the host and co-host controls in Zoom meeting. Allows you download zoom ucla control your own audio output. Allows controlling your video output by allowing you to turn your device camera on or off. Adjust your meeting room security. Any settings changed in this button will take effect immediately.

On November 16,Zoom included Suspend participant activity in the Security button, available in version 5. Selecting this will immediately suspend all participant activities, which will mute all video and audio, stop screen sharing, end-all breakout rooms, and pause recording. If you have selected to Suspend download zoom ucla activityyou will need to click on the Security button to restore each function that was suspended.

Please see Zoom’s November News Update for more information. Click on the Invite button at the bottom of the Participants box to invite participants. Then click download zoom ucla the Email tab in the download zoom ucla that pops up. Make host, the Make host can be revoked by the Reclaim hostlocated at the Participants bottom right, three dots, screen shot. The Zoom chatbox can be opened by clicking on Chat.

The chatbox allows you to communicate with all participants or select download zoom ucla participants to send messages to by clicking their name in the participant’s list on the left. Instructors can deactivate the private chat between students. You have the option to share your full desktop or specific windows you have open.

By default, only the Host can screen share. Select Advanced Sharing Options. Under the Who can share? If you want to share a video and would like the participants to hear the audio from the video, make sure the Share sound is checked on, multiple ways to do this, see screenshots, Share Screen or More When the Optimize for video clip, is turned download zoom ucla, a Popup will show, ‘The video читать больше are minimized to optimize full-screen video clip screen sharing.

TIP: If you are presenting a large group, it download zoom ucla recommended that you change your settings so that /2523.txt you can share your screen to prevent anyone from disrupting the download zoom ucla. To do this, hover over the bottom of the Zoom box until the icons appear, then click on the up arrow to the right of the Share Screen button, then select Advanced Sharing Options In the window, under the heading Who download zoom ucla share?

If Annotation is enabled in your Zoom profile settingsAnnotate the screen you are sharing по этому сообщению clicking the Download zoom ucla icon download zoom ucla open the Annotate toolbar. Using Annotate, you can draw /15080.txt highlight parts of the page you are sharing. You can also erase, undo, or redo annotations. When screen sharing is enabled, other participants can annotate a shared screen by clicking on the Annotate link in the meeting tool-bar.

The meeting host can prevent this by while in Share screen, click on the More button in the Zoom Meeting Controls, then click Disable Annotation for Others. It will ask you to install a Plugin the first time you do this. To move your download zoom ucla on the screen, click and подробнее на этой странице on your photo. You can also drag one of the four corners in the blue box around you to resize your video.

Alternatively, you can click the three dots next to the slide number see below to resize your video. Here you can also remove your video from the slide with Split Video from the PowerPoint. To move forward in your PowerPoint, click the right arrow.

For more help, see Zoom documentation: Zoom slides as Virtual Background. So you may not need to do the following below. Please see Enabling Live download zoom ucla in your Zoom meeting if download zoom ucla would like to enable the Zoom live automated captions. If you are sharing slides in your class using the Share screen function in Zoom, you can enable real-time, automatic captions in Microsoft Powerpoint.

PowerPoint can transcribe your words as you present and display them on-screen as captions in the same language you are speaking, or as subtitles translated to another language. You will need to have a Microsoft Office account in order to do so, you can follow the instruction from Microsoft Support website. Alternatively, you can turn on automatic captions in Google Slides to display the speaker’s words in real-time using a Chrome browser.

However, only U. English is currently available. To present our Google Slides with automatic captions, follow the instruction download zoom ucla Google’s Help Center. There are three methods you can use to screen share a PowerPoint presentation in a Zoom meeting. If жмите have dual monitors, you can share a slide show while viewing presenter’s notes in another monitor. If you have a single monitor, you can also start the slide show in a window so you have access to other meeting features while sharing your presentation.

Zoom help has a complete article.



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If you see a message that says, “Please wait for the host to start this meeting,” you will need to wait for your instructor to launch the room.

Once the instructor has joined the room, you will be automatically added to the room you do not need to relaunch the room. If you can play audio on your computer this is the recommended option , select Join Audio by Computer. You should see a success message, indicating that your account was switched.

Click the “Sign in Now” button to log in. This will take you to the web client. Recording only the Shared Screen, resulted in the same Mp4 of x , that has a much clearer view of the drawings as there is no Active Speaker and no Picture-in-picture. Breakout rooms allow you to split your Zoom meeting in up to 50 separate sessions. The meeting host can choose to split the participants of the meeting into these separate sessions automatically screenshots below or manually, and can switch between sessions at any time.

More information about setting up breakout rooms can be found in Zoom’s documentation site. You can automatically create Breakout rooms in a Zoom meeting.

The students would be randomly into the rooms, but you can still move the students in between rooms. Starting with Zoom, Version 5. Any active sharing in the breakout sessions are interrupted and any annotation or whiteboarding prompts the sharer to save them before viewing the shared screen from the host.

Host and participants must be on version 5. If the meeting is being cloud recorded, it will only record the main room, regardless of what room the meeting host is in.

If local recording is being used, it will record the room the participant who is recording is in. Multiple participants can record locally. Meeting participants can now react during a meeting by sending a thumbs up or clapping to communicate without interrupting the meeting. Reactions will disappear after 5 seconds. If you would like to prevent your Zoom window from hiding while you bring another application into the foreground, consider using the Keep on Top for the Zoom window. This works on both a Windows and Mac computer.

Look at the menus at the top of your computer screen, click on Zoom Meeting or Meeting if you are on a Mac and select Keep on Top. To remove this feature, click on Zoom Meeting or Meeting if you are on a Mac and select Keep on Top so that it is no longer checked.

If students are clicking on the Join meeting button from your CCLE site, you can track who has accessed the link and how long they were in the session. To do this:. Keep in mind, Zoom only has data from past 30 days. Go to Meetings in the left-hand navigation. Click on the Tab for Personal Meeting Room , the screenshot below. Enter the email address of the Alternative Hosts , comma-separated, screenshot below.

Be sure to click the Save button, screenshot below. Keeping your version of Zoom current will ensure that you can take advantage of new features and bug fixes. Zoom may prompt you to update your software when a new version is released, but you can manually check for updates. If your guest lecturer has pre-recorded content, great!

You can use Zoom to turn the lecture into a viewing party and ask the guest lecture to answer live student questions! Want to see how? Please read this guide before proceeding with a proctored exam.

Some instructors may wish to monitor their students over Zoom while an exam is happening in addition to using Respondus. We recommend using this method in small enrollment courses around 25 students.

While taking their email in the Respondus Lockdown Browser, students are not able to use their desktop version of Zoom. This means they cannot unmute themselves to ask questions if they start the exam while muted in Zoom. Nor can they open new tabs in the browser. But this will alleviate the need to record students with the Respondus Monitor, as the instructor can watch the student in realtime while they are taking their exams.

Adding Zoom to the exam using Respondus Lockdown Browser is not turned on by default and requires instructors to take a few steps when configuring Respondus for a given exam.

There is set up on the instructor side and a workflow on the student side that is best practiced, before an exam. You will not need to log into zoom. With the Basic account, you can still schedule and create meetings, to prepare for class. Once you have been provisioned a Licensed account, your existing meetings are now unlimited sessions instead of the minute limit.

You see an error message, like the screenshot below, ‘Unable to find your account on Zoom’. You may see this as you have not logged in for the first time to ucla. The integration is the Campus Zoom accounts ucla. Zoom only allows one Email address, April This will also prevent removed users from rejoining the meeting if they have been removed by the host.

Putting the meeting in a “webinar” mode where only the host is the speaker is another alternative, but this is a setting you need to do each time you start your meeting.

If you want them to speak, you need to go back to Participants button and check off Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves.

If you are concerned about students who are dropping out of the room and reconnecting due to poor bandwidth, you can enable the waiting room, if you are not using this setting already:.

If you experience technical issues while waiting for your Zoom recording to convert to an mp4 file, please follow these troubleshooting steps provided by Zoom.

For Mac OS, please see this developer’s blog post on how to resolve the issue. First, check your internet speed and see if it meets Zoom’s bandwidth requirements.

If your internet connection is sufficient and you are still having instability issues while using Zoom, you may want to consider going into your Zoom app Settings, in the Video tab, clicking Advanced, and uncheck Use hardware acceleration for receiving video. More information about when to use hardware acceleration can be found in Zoom’s Help Center. Zoom has a table that compares the meeting controls available to the Host, Co-hosts, Alternative hosts, and participants. Be sure to read the Note at the bottom of the table, as it explains about Alternate host and Co-host.

If you have multiple Zoom accounts, you may have a UCLA account and a personal Zoom account, there is a Switch Account feature in the Zoom window, under the top-right drop-down.

It can be important to be logged in to Zoom with the right account. All active Mednet users can host web and video conferences using Zoom. Video conferencing requires specialized equipment, but we have fully supported rooms across campus. View a list of our video conference rooms and lecture halls. Requiring only a few basic tools, web conferences can happen in nearly any conference room.

Please call to find out if a room can support a video or web conference. We serve rooms in:.