Water systems often realize the difficulties of identifying connections that need backflow protection, testing backflow assemblies annually, tracking inspections and tests and maintaining test equipment. In 2011, TUA developed resources and now offers the Cross Connection Control Management Program (CCCMP) to water systems across the state.

With the exception of enforcement, TUA can conduct any part of the CCCMP or conduct the entire program for a system. TUA has nine staff members who possess a certificate for testing backflow prevention assemblies. We maintain certified test equipment for testing backflow prevention assemblies. Our secure tracking program accessible by the contracted system, which tracks all backflow preventer tests, cross connection control surveys and inspections. The program provides the contracted system the ability to generate reports allowing printed copies to be maintained onsite. As recommended in the Division of Water Resources Cross Connection Control Manual, the CCCMP incorporates annual written surveys for 20% of the customer connections and annual inspections for 5% of the customer connections.

The following is a list of program activities that TUA provides:

Ordinance/Policy and Plan Development
Backflow Preventer Testing
Backflow Preventer Tracking
Data Analysis Focusing on Potential Risk Connections
Written Surveys and Analysis to Focus on Potential Risk Connections
Onsite Inspections
Public Education
Issue notice of Backflow Test to be performed
Issue notice of Backflow Test Results to Customer
Issue notices of Inspection

How to avoid Cross Connection?

For pricing and program information please collect your system’s number of connections, number of backflow preventers and number of non residential connections without backflow preventers and contact Brent Ogles at (615) 900-1011 or by e-mail at brentogles@taud.org.