Certification/Training Frequently Asked Questions

Board decision: No, training attained after one failed attempt does not reset the process.  Mandatory training is required after two failed attempts even if training was acquired after one failed attempt.

Webinars are approved training classes just as classroom training. However, it is mandatory that you attend the webinar 100% of the time. That means that you cannot work at your regular job or work on other projects, while you listen to the webinar. You must make the webinar the sole priority for the length of the webinar.

  • During the webinar you will be monitored on how long you are logged into the webinar and you also must answer all the random poll questions during the webinar.
    • The poll questions document you are active during the webinar. Once the webinar is completed, TAUD will download a webinar report from Zoom that shows your information.
  • If you need continuing education credits, you will have the option to complete an on-line form to collect your certification ID and the license you want to apply the credit to.
  • If you need hours for experience or for any other reason, a certificate of completion will be sent to you.

Yes, if there are multiple people that want to watch the webinar as a group, you can request a "Multi-Viewer" form from TAUD. This form will require a monitor's signature of a Supervisory level position and the monitor must be present throughout entire seminar.

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