TAUD Administrative Professionals (TAP) Program

The TAUD Administrative Professionals (TAP) Program is designed to promote and educate those of you striving for administrative excellence. We believe the TAP program sets a higher standard for utility office personnel. The certification requirements for the program are a series of topics relevant to the skills necessary to become an Administrative Professional in the utility industry. The TAP program requires completion of 30 total hours of course work in the following areas: Office Management, Financial Administration, Legal and Personnel Issues, Personal Development and On-site System evaluation applicable to your specific utility. TAUD believes the completion of this program will allow you to perform at a higher and more skilled level thus creating a forum for administrative experts in our industry. It is our hope that utilities across the state will recognize those who have completed the TAP program as premier level Administrative Professionals.

TAP credit hours can be obtained at the Business Conference in August, the Utility Leadership Conference in November and at the Administrative Professionals Conference in December.  Outside training is accepted if it is applicable and aligns with the course work criteria established for TAP certification.  For more information or questions please contact Beth Hardiman at (615) 900-1014 or by e-mail at bethhardiman@taud.org.