TAUD Superbooster Program

What is a TAUD Superbooster?

A TAUD Superbooster is an Associate Member that is a very active supporter within the Association. These members attend a majority of TAUD functions and stay current with their membership. A Superbooster has a choice of four different levels of sponsorship designed with the Associate Member needs in mind: Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver.

The Superbooster Program provides a way for Associates to choose their level of activity within the Association that is right for their needs with the convenience of writing one check.

What is the benefit of becoming a Superbooster? Recognition, Advertising, Rewards, Convenience & Support of the oldest Rural Water Association in the nation! One of the most practical rewards of being a Superbooster is the convenience of paying a one-time fee. Your company avoids the hassle of waiting on “Corporate” to cut a check for each event by taking care of event fees when membership dues are paid. After your company joins as a Superbooster, you simply fill out the registration form for an event to let TAUD know your company will be attending and return to our office.

Please contact the TAUD office for more opportunities to become involved with our members through our 11 Regional Meeting activities.