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  • Supervise the overall operations of Wartrace Waterworks and Sewer Systems and public works duties
  • Responsible for proper operation, maintenance, reporting, collection, treatment, distribution and/or disposal of water and wastewater.
  • Maintenance of city fleet, equipment, streets, storm water drains, city-owned buildings, and parks.
  • Operation of heavy equipment: Backhoe, Skid Loader, and Mini Excavator.
  • Providing feedback to operators and lead that work under Water Manager
  • Manage time effectively
  • Set schedule for self and lead and operators
  • Attends monthly Utility Commission meeting
  • Work with other departments to ensure success
  • Provide receipts and quotes to Town Recorder for budgetary purposes
  • Utilize telemetry and SCADA to monitor current water system activity
  • Is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep for Water manager’s vehicle
  • Knowledge of safety requirements and precautions
  • An over 40 hour work week may be required to accomplish tasks and goals
  • Email and communicate with other vendors and contractors for further needs of Water department
  • Provide a clean and safe work environment
  • Maintain current license and operations certifications.
  • Must be knowledgeable with TN rules and regulations
  • Overseeing submission of Water and Sewer monthly reports
  • Ensuring security to water system and shop are at a daily and constant priority
  • Manual labor will be an extensive part of this role
  • Completing any other tasks that could be asked to accomplish
  • Attending monthly Utility meetings and quarterly Board of Mayor and Alderman Meetings


  • TN Grade 1 Water Distribution
  • Grade 1 Wastewater Treatment
  • Grade 1 Wastewater Collection
  • Grade 2 Collections

Pay – $25 – $33  and DOE

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