To the Members of the TAUD Community,

We are navigating a significant period of transition after the unfortunate departure of Bob Freudenthal who served as TAUD Executive Director for over 15 years. His leadership and passion for TAUD has made it one of the finest rural water associations in the country. His vision and commitment to TAUD will be hard to replace.

Here’s how we’re moving forward:

  1. Immediate Response: The Board of Directors has acted promptly to ensure that our services and commitment to you remain consistent.
  1. Interim Leadership: Don Scholes, TAUD General Counsel, has been appointed Interim Executive Director. Don has been a committed servant of TAUD for over 30 years serving both as TAUD’s outside counsel and as its general counsel.  I am confident he will be an anchoring presence and will bring stability and ensuring continuity to TAUD.
  1. Future Planning: The Board of Directors will be meeting in early November to set a course for hiring a new Executive Director.
  1. Family Values: At TAUD, we consider each member part of our family. As any resilient family does, we will weather this storm together, drawing strength from one another.
  1. Our Assurance: The goal of the Board of Directors is to ensure TAUD maintains the high standards of excellence and service established under Bob’s guidance.

Bob’s departure is a monumental change. Yet, his vision has equipped us with a strong foundation.

With gratitude and in service,

Michael Adams,

President, TAUD Board of Directors

TAUD Contact Directives:

Your TAUD team is not just staff; they’re dedicated specialists, each eager to assist, enrich, and elevate your experience. Reach out, and harness the full spectrum of what TAUD has to offer. We’re more than an association; we’re your  family and dedicated partners. Most of all, we are extremely grateful for everything you do to serve your communities around the great state of Tennessee.

As Don and the Board work to set us up for the future please keep you inquires to when you are facing a complex issue or need high-level executive insights? Don is available for those weighty conversations that need a seasoned perspective. He also will be continuing to tackle legislative issues as they come up. Phone:


Office Director

For insights into the heart of TAUD, from administrative tasks to office protocols. Dive into the core workings of TAUD with her.

Phone: 615.900.1019

Your go-to for all things related to member services and conference intricacies. Questions about upcoming events or membership details? She’s your contact.

Phone: 615.900.1014

Education Director

Need training or curious about cross-connection opportunities? Brent is your training maestro, guiding you through all educational queries.

Phone: 615.556.6002

For everything related to TAUD’s program initiatives, John’s your guy. Any program-based question or initiative, he’s the person to consult.

Phone: 615.944.3760

For all things workforce and apprenticeship development Kevin is your guy!

Phone: 423.215.3720 Email:

For communication needs, ARP, or strategic initiatives, Brian’s the authority. If it involves conveying information or strategic planning, he’s on it.

Phone: 845.521.9760

Our field heroes! For hands-on, in-the-field assistance, our circuit riders have you covered. They embody the grassroots spirit of TAUD, making sure every member feels supported.

Tony Wyatt

West Tennessee Circuit Rider/Field Supervisor
Phone: 731.415.9101

Chris Ramsey

Middle Tennessee Circuit Rider

Phone: 931.397.0972

Nathaniel Allsup

East Tennessee Circuit Rider

Phone: 865.771.8480

Michael Keeton

Region Meeting Manager/ Energy Efficiency Technician
Phone: 865.660.6454

Tommy Whaley

Source Water Specialist

Phone: 931.212.3368

Dewayne Culpepper

Wastewater Specialist

Phone: 931.607.6981

Stephanie Clark

Wastewater Technician

Phone: 931.993.0375

Patrick Dwyer

Wastewater Technician

Phone: 615.364.1847

David Money

EPA Water Specialist

Phone: 931.477.0963

Billy Dranes

EPA Wastewater Specialist

Phone: 615.864.4557

Behind-The-Scenes Team: Beyond the forefront, there lies a team of committed individuals, ensuring TAUD’s seamless operation. They’re the backbone, making sure every clog turns, every process streamlined, and every event perfected. From administrative tasks to technical solutions, their silent dedication ensures our association thrives. While their names might not always be in the spotlight, their impact is felt in every successful endeavor. Trust that even if unseen, they’re working tirelessly to make your TAUD experience exceptional. Every time you enjoy a smooth event, access a system without glitches, or simply feel the organized flow of our operations, remember and appreciate these unsung heroes. Their excellence allows us all to shine brighter.

They magic happen everyday. Without them we would all be sunk.

Melanie Sain

Accounting Specialist

Phone: 615.896.9022

Carol Mims


Phone: 615.900.1013

Greg Baker

Information Systems Technician

Phone: 731.225.5240

Ethan Carter

Program Specialist/ Wastewater Technician

Phone: 731.676.1258

Kirk Smith

Director of Business Development (Now Part time)

Phone: 615.243.6490

Dorothy Penuel

Education Assistant

Phone: 615.900.1000

Beth Foxworthy

Administrative Assistant/ Member Services

Phone: 615.900.1012

Tim Ham

Operations Specialist

Phone: 615.557.5780

Larry Lewis

An Outright Legend/ (Kind of sort of never retired)